me. mi. moi.

Hi. I'm Corey. I'm a midwest girl at heart living in South Florida among the palms and iguanas. I'm a wife, a mom of 3, and I think that the Tooth Fairy is a pain in the ass.

I spent 10 years, in my last life, as a television news reporter. Always wanted to be on TV. And I was. Maybe I will be again someday but for now I'm a Mom and a photographer and I write. I want to write when I grow up so I'm resurrecting this old blog and putting myself out there. Scary shit. But this is me. I'm flawed and funny and sarcastic and I love hard. I believe in kindness and compassion (like Ellen...) and I adore my kids but I am well aware that they can be assholes sometimes. So, I'm fighting the good fight; trying to not raise assholes (side note: this blog isn't for you if you don't agree with calling your children names on occasion).

I don't change my kids bed sheets nearly as often as I should. In my defense, they're bunk beds.

I get sweaty if I'm lost or late. Both = REALLY sweaty.

I buy cookbooks and don't make any of the recipes. The pictures are so pretty though.

I spent 6 months as a Vegan recently. I'm back on the meat wagon.

For every real meal I make my family (protein, vegetable, starch) I serve Mac and cheese and chicken nuggets at least 4 times.

At 36 years old I have just discovered fabric softener.

I have a purple low lights in my hair right now. I'm either going through an artsy phase or a mid-life crisis early.