Wednesday, September 13, 2017

There one second...

Another post I wrote before I decided to start blogging again... been sitting in the 'edit section for a while now. :) 

I'm not kidding you, it was literally 2 seconds.

She was there and she was gone. GONE. 

I ran to Publix with Finn (our spirited, feisty 2 year old) before the big kids got home from surf camp (not many kids can say they go to surf camp... score one for South Florida). I was grabbing produce. I was not on my phone or talking to someone. I was getting potatoes. Red ones for a shrimp boil that I may never actually boil. She was at the end of the aisle, probably 5 feet away. I got my potatoes and looked up and she was gone.

"Finn?" "Finley?" I walked a couple of aisles in each direction, no Finn. This is the produce section, I should have been able to see her whale tale over the top of the red onions. Nothing. 

You know that feeling in your stomach when something quickly goes horribly wrong? And then your whole body gets warm? Yeah. That. I started walking towards the front of the store (approximately 10 seconds has now passed) and in walk two firefighters and running from them is Finn. "She was at the front door," one of them said. Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. Literally 2 seconds. I am not exaggerating. 

This isn't the first time I haven't been able to find a kid. But that panic? The horrible places your brain can go in a fraction of a second? It doesn't lessen with each kid you have. 

Here's my point. Don't ever judge a mother who loses their kid. I'm a great-ish Mom most days and I only had one of my three kids with me and I lost her. They are like slippery little sneaky jack rabbits when they want to be. So don't judge. Cause one day you'll be getting red potatoes and your kid will vanish for 15 seconds and you'll full on panic and almost poop in your pants. 

I would not ever judge a mom for losing a kid. Unless she was drinking and texting in a bar or something. 

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