Monday, August 14, 2017

Kindness Rocks.

I had other posts in the works for my first posts post blog resurrection. This one is more timely.

Ignorance terrifies me. 

Ignorance makes people afraid of things they know nothing about. It lets shallow (mis)conceptions and anything that strays from the norm, anything different, paralyze someone with fear. And that fear, turns to anger and to hate. The actions that result from that hate are terrifying

What happened in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend makes my stomach turn. The images of young, white men with anger in their eyes and hate in their hearts are terrifying. Hate. I can’t get my head around how someone can have enough energy, enough malice, that they hate someone they know nothing about only because of the color of their skin or what religion they chose to practice. I do not and will not ever understand it. And it shakes me to my core that in our country, in 2017, this is happening. 

Our reach, from this little suburban bubble, isn’t far. But we have three innocent souls, three little  people who don’t know hate. They don’t know hate because you aren’t born knowing how to hate someone or something. That is a learned behavior. It will not be learned in this house. Hate has no place here. I refuse to let our kids grow up thinking they are better than anyone else for any reason. 

The hate that happened in Charlottesville has to be countered with love, so much more love and kindness than the hate that was spewed there. Those people, they don’t represent the majority of us and we won’t let their message be stronger than ours. 

At the beginning of the summer I saw a story somewhere (maybe on the news but most likely on Facebook— that’s where you get your news, right?) about Kindness Rocks. The concept is simple. You paint a rock and you leave it somewhere for someone to find. We grabbed some spray paint and some sharpies and got to work on our rocks. We wrote messages on the rocks like, “Be the good” and “Love is greater than hate” and my personal favorite “Have a great summer” from the 8 year old. After what happened in Charlottesville on Saturday, Sunday seemed like the perfect day to spread some love; to share some joy.  But more than that, it was an opportunity to teach our kids that love wins and that spreading kindness, even in the smallest way in our little community, goes a long way. 

By Monday morning I already had a post on my Facebook page about a rock spotting! The kids were so excited (LBS* so was I) that someone had already found one of our rocks and that it made them smile! AND THEN I found a Facebook page (with the help of a friend who is way more in touch than I am) and people had already found our local rocks and shared pictures! 

I'm not a DIY'r so I Googled to make sure our rocks didn't rot or peel. I'll save you the trouble of Googling.
Step 1: find some rocks (we live in Florida and they think they are landscaping here so ours came from our yard)
Step 2: spray paint the rocks (if you get it on your brick pavers by accident your husband will forgive you... or at least I'm hoping that's his plan)
Step 3: write messages in Sharpie on the rocks (you can also # them with #thekindnessrocksproject but that # was too long for some of our rocks)
Step 4: spray rocks with an acrylic sealer
Step 5: put your rocks all over the place

Step 6: corner your kids in the car and explain to them what happened (in kid terms) in Charlottesville and remind them of how important it is in your family to be kind and that love is greater than hate and that we are ALL EQUAL.
Step 7: unlock car doors and let them out

I thought I was the last person to hear of Kindness Rocks. I'm usually slow on these trends and also most trends (think booties, skinny jeans, coconut oil). But according to my Facebook and IG feeds I wasn't the last to learn of it which is why I'm sharing it here.

LBS: Corey lingo for Let's Be Serious

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