Thursday, April 25, 2013


I have this poor, neglected, blog.  It's sad.  I make promises I can't keep.  So I'm not making a promise today.  Cause history has shown, I suck at saying I'm gonna blog over here on the regular.  But I did get a note on my new photography blog from a loyal reader asking me when I'm gonna blog for reals.  One person misses me.  It's kinda nice.

And today it's appropriate that I write because I just went back and read this post from almost 2 years ago.  When I potty trained Cannon less than a month before moving a thousand miles away while I was on my own and hubs was already in FL working.  This morning we made the pilgrimage to Walmart.  Bought the princess underwear and we're on the way.  It's been 10 minutes.  No accidents.  Winning.  So far.  She's been going on occasion and when she went twice on the potty last night then again this morning I decided there's no time like the present.  Here's hoping it sticks.  And hoping maybe you'll get an update.  If you need us we'll be at home in our underwear.  Gotta support the girl!

Some other stuff.

I'm debating making my photography blog a photography and personal blog.  Cause I don't need two Facebook pages, two blogs, and two kids and I already have two of two of those.  Not sure if combining the two will drive people away or draw them into my web, right where I want them... bwah ha ha ha.

I've lost 15 pounds this year.  And kept all of it off.  I did Weight Watchers.  Now I have five pounds to lose and I think it's gonna take voodoo.  Or a magic spell.  Cause I'm over the WW.  Or I need a break.  Or something.  Either way, the good news is I'm not gaining weight.  Not losing it either.  Also I should probably want to lose 10 pounds but I think that would require quitting drinking and that's just simply not an option.

Read something about flax seed and unsweetened cranberry juice jump starting loss of the last five pounds.  Got the flax seed.  Couldn't find unsweetened juice.  So.  If I ever find that, maybe I'll try it.  I mean if it works for Rebecca Romijn it should work for me. Right?

I have the most awesomest friends around.  Thought you should know.

Can someone explain to me how to teach a 4 year old the concept of tomorrow?  It's the day after this day.  Friday is tomorrow.  Then every morning, is it tomorrow?  Well, kind of but no...

Alright.  Not bad for the first time back.  And who knows, could be another three months.  But maybe not.