Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Oh hi. Remember me? Probably not.  That's ok.  Sometimes something is going on and rather than telling everyone you see or screaming it from the mountain tops, you just blog about it.  So I'm blogging.

I spent the majority of the year last year 'trying' to lose weight.  Let me back up.  I'm not someone people look at and think 'she should lose some weight' (sidenote: if you look at people and think that you probably need to take a look in the mirror).  But by my BMI and my own standards, I am was overweight.  Baby fat around my belly.  Extra in my boobs.  It was there.  So I committed to working out, in a major way.  Boot camps at 5am, running more than ever before (cause before I didn't run).  Six, sometimes seven days a week.  I dropped carbs for a bit.  Wine for a hot minute.  I counted calories (using myfitnesspal which basically all but starved me).  I think the most I lost all year last year was 5 pounds.  And by the end of the year I had gained it back and added a few extra holiday pounds.  I never quit exercising.  Who knows what would have happened if I did.  It wouldn't have been pretty.

I blogged about how I couldn't lose weight. I all but begged my doctor to diagnose me with a thyroid problem.  I searched for any and all possible causes for what Google thought might be wrong with me.  I took fad supplements.  I cried.  I got angry.  But I didn't lose the weight.  Did I mention this went on almost and entire year?  A YEAR.  That's a long damn time.

January 2, 2013.  The day I joined Weight Watchers.

People my age (which by the way isn't all that young anymore) don't do weight watchers.  It's for people who are really overweight.  It won't work for me.  Crap, that's all crap.

I am telling you right now, I believe.  I have bought in HOOK LINE AND SINKER.  This is no joke.  I went in hoping for amazing.  I mean have you SEEN Jennifer Hudson?  And Jessica Simpson?  These are famous women who are NORMAL.  Who love food.  And it worked for them.  And guess what?  I'm not famous, but I love food.  And it's working for me!

On Friday I will weigh in for the fourth time, so my third weigh in since being on the program.  In that time (according to my scale at home), I've lost 10 pounds.  10.  Freaking.  Pounds.  And, it gets better.  5 inches.  5.  I could cry while I type this.  I'm sitting here in jeans I bought when I was in college and they button comfortably.  I don't even care that they're from Abercrombie and are stone washed with a huge hole in the knee.  Don't even care.  They button.  So I'm freaking wearing 'em.

I'm not aiming to weigh what I did when we got married almost 8 years ago.  I know that's not realistic.  Nor was my diet them on Slimfasts and Lean Cuisines for every meal.  Oh and fountain diet coke by the gallon.  I've had two kids since then.  My body is different.  But 10 more pounds and you'll never hear me complain about my weight again.

Ok, enough patting myself on the back.  Here's what I am doing that is (I think) making the difference for me:

I exercise.  I like to exercise. I love a good workout.  So the motivation isn't the problem but just exercise for me wasn't enough.  And I counted calories last year too, it didn't work.  I think I was eating too few calories and it wasn't sustainable.  So I joined WW and I'm doing the FULL program.  Not just online because I don't trust myself to be accountable to myself (hello? all year last year...).  So I'm doing the full program where every Friday morning I go stand on a scale in front of a stranger and we both look at my weight.  My ego is too big and I'm far too embarrassed to not lose at least a little weight.  I've been to one meeting and I really liked it.  Not sure I need the meetings but I'm 100% certain I need the stranger to hold me accountable.  LBS it's not like your husband is going to tell you to not eat something.

Also.  I don't use a lot of my cheat points.  I figure if I can exist within my daily points and use a few cheats on the weekend then I'll hit my goal more quickly.  I save the cheats for drinks on the weekend.

I am not drinking wine.  Even if it's within my points for the day, I'm on a hiatus.  The amount of sugar that's in wine is detrimental to me and it's horrible because I love wine.  So I either need to drink it only in the morning or I am just going to have it on occasion.  Right now it's on occasion.  I am still drinking.  Vodka and diet tonic or soda.  Maybe a light beer (but I hate beer.... like really hate).  Nothing to excess.  So I'm not nearly as much fun.  But that's ok.  It's better for me and my liver.

I'm not hungry.  I'm eating a lot more fruits and veggies than I was before.  And it's coming off. Finally.