Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Broken Promises.

I made a commitment to come back to blogging.  Then I disappeared again.  It't not cause I don't love you.  It's me. Not you.

I'm the dog who caught the car.  I had this 'oh wouldn't that be awesome' thing in the back of my mind and it worked out.  So with like five shoots a week and two kids with schedules and a household to run I am kinda busy.  A good busy.  A 'squeeze in three miles before 7am' busy.  And I'm in love with it.

Which mean blog neglect.

But I had to share this.  My 4 year old, when he gets tired, crumbles if you look at him funny.  Last night he turned on his toothbrush (one of those five dollar electric transformers ones) and the batteries were dead.  And I hear from the bathroom, 'Oh come on!'.  He might as well have said 'could anything else possibly go wrong on this horrible no good very bad day?!?!?' after he spent the morning at school and the afternoon in a bounce house in the backyard. Life is SO hard.

So.  Happy Halloween! Promise to be back before Thanksgiving! Or try to be :)


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Rebecca said...

So happy for you! I enjoy looking at your pictures.