Tuesday, August 28, 2012

on why I want to put my fist through the wall.

So.  At the end of January I wrote this.  The beginning of my journey to lose like 10 pounds.  By now I thought for sure I'd be rid of those 10 pounds.  I thought FOR SURE.

Since then I have been running, eating healthier, did a bootcamp twice a week for 16 weeks.  My clothes fit a little better, I'm definitely stronger.  I can run four or five miles now with relative ease.  All of this sounds well and good until I tell you this.

I have not lost ONE GODDAMNED POUND since February.  Not one.

The 'eating healthier' was fewer carbs and calories but until two weeks ago I was still drinking wine on the regular (my vice, seriously) and grabbing a handful of goldfish here and there.  We ate out a lot and despite good menu choices it's still not as healthy as eating at home.

So.  About 10 days ago I gave up carbs.  Wine.  I gave up wine.  And bread. And pretzels.  Sweet stuff.  Short of a spinach smoothie (with greek yogurt) with fruit in the morning, the amount of carbs I'm taking in is not even worth talking about.

And still.

I have not lost ONE GODDAMNED POUND.

I'm not asking for 30 pounds. 10.  Just 10.  For no one other than me.

And that, friends, is why I want to put  my fist through the wall.  Or the scale.

Cause... really... if I weigh the same when I don't eat (or drink) the things I love, as I do when I do eat them, they why bother???


ilikebeerandbabies.com said...

Um...A-to-the-mother-fucking-men. I hear you. 8 months after baby and I have GAINED weight. Running, eating better and doing bootcamp. Getting stabbity.

Erica said...

Maybe you are gaining muscle from running and bootcamp?

If you are looking at numbers on the scale and there is no change, it's a real pisser. I know it's not much of a consolation, but if your clothes are feeling better and you are taking the measures to be healthy, that's a good thing.

Katie Busch said...

Ok - tried to comment before but it didn't post for some reason! Have a trainer track your body fat percentage - you've probably dropped that number significantly! I worked with a trainer Jan - April and while my weight didn't budge, my body fat percentage dropped points weekly. :) BTW I think your gorgeous just the way you are. TOTT.

Jess said...

YEP. Me too. Ditto.

Sucks hardcore.

AYo said...

I'm with this theory. Did you take any measurements before you began this? Bc I bet you've lost inches. I used to measure my overall fitness by whether I could lift our old tv.

Burnett Family said...

I feel the same way. Since training with a trainer I have gained weight. WHAT?!?! But, the weight I gained was muscle and not fat, so I look toner and smaller. But, I still hate the fact that when I get on the scale it is 3 lbs heavier. It's all mental. So, the reason you haven't lost weight is b/c those 10lbs you were trying to lose turned into muscle which is a good thing.