Monday, July 16, 2012

observations and revalations.

It is not ever socially acceptable to see a cute baby in a stroller and pull out your cell phone and take a picture of said baby just cause you work at Sunglass Hut and the baby is wearing sunglasses.  Not ever.

I made a cake with Greek yogurt instead of just about everything else.  Because I have a Pinterest addiction.    It also makes me feel slightly inadequate when it comes to just about everything.  But has equally fabulous ideas. I mean where else would I learn how to clean out my dishwasher, get a fabulous idea for a birthday party and also learn about these???

Along those same lines... I want every room in my house painted except for three.  Yesterday.  But the outside needs to be painted too.  I can think of a million things I'd rather spend that money on.

A bestie and I are driving 2 1/2 hours one way to go to Trader Joe's on Saturday.  Also to escape our children.  Also to stop at the outlets. It's for the greater good.

Do not go see Magic Mike.

I took both of my kids to the grocery store in the rain because we were out of milk.  Only extra item I came home with? Rainbow marshmallows.  Victory.

On a non-sarcastic note, I'm pinching myself over how much fun I'm having with my photography business and how awesome things are. Pinching myself.  Like, did this really work out? For reals?

It rains here everyday right now. Usually in the afternoon.  Which for me means it's time to crawl under the covers and sleep.  Someday my 3 year old will understand.  Someday.

That same 3 year old (who's really dangerously close to four) has learned the word brilliant.  And now everything I do is brilliant.  Finally, someone who agrees with me!

On that birthday note, he wants a surprise super hero party.  This will be the easiest surprise party I ever throw.  And we're getting a bounce house for it.  Our postage stamp of a backyard is JUST big enough.  We may be able to rig up something so you can actually slide from the top of the lanai into the bounce house.

The Best part? A blog post, old school O&R style.

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Erica said...

How did the cake turn out?

Vino2Go! I find it a completely ridiculous but brilliant concept. I think I need one.