Tuesday, May 8, 2012

self serving... and a few quickies.

So this photographer worked some miracles.  And this website wrote some stuff about me.  I dig it.  Thought you might too.  And who knew Francesca's had really cute stuff?  Cause I didn't.

I'm over bootcamp.  I'm over 5am and the same freaking hour of songs.  Problem is that I've got five classes left and I already paid.  Therefore I power through.  Taking a summer break for sure.  But the good news is I am still running and my shins appear to be healed.  Must be the divine medical help I got from that really awesome doctor.

Telling your wife as you lie down to go to sleep that someone tried to break into the neighbors house while we were away on vacation is a bad idea.

Key takeaways from locking my keys in the car at the farmer's market. No pun intended.  I have amazing friends. Leaving your back door unlocked is OK as long as you know you have plans on locking your keys in the car. And I should use that remote keyless entry thing more often.  

I was not cut out for music class.  There's not enough preschool teacher in me to even pretend I like it.  And when Little Bunny Foo Foo gets a lesson about bad choices and sits in a 'safe place' to think about his decision, it takes everything in my power to not to bop the teacher on the head.