Friday, February 17, 2012

helllooo president's day weekend.

It's a 3 day-er.  With almost zero plans.  I am in love.

I've lost 3 1/2 pounds in the last almost 3 weeks.  I will take it.  Sure, I would love to have dropped 10 but that's not realisitc.  Not only that but even though it's only a few pounds, I know I am a lot stronger, my clothes fit better, and I'm on my way to being in amazing shape.  Or at least really good shape.  That's all I want.  To be in good shape.  And be slightly skinnier.  The running, bootcamp, and spinning is working.  And since I'm getting up before the sun every week day to bust my ass, it should be working.

I hosted a happy hour playdate yesterday afternoon where we served goldfish and wine.  And lots of other goodies.  I let like 20 kids destroy the house for the sake of some fun for them and for the moms.  And it was fun.  I wrote about it here too.

The baby jumping on the couch because her brother does gives me heart attacks. 

Told Dan I want to go to Ikea this weekend.  He asks, 'what for?'. Um. I don't know yet.  Um. Does it matter?  Um. Sweedish treasures I am in dire need of and just don't know it yet.  Any of these answers is the right one in this situaiton. FYI.
Trader Joe's is opening in Sarasota.  It's like an hour+ away.  And just like that, my plan is falling into place.

I don't deal in tuna fish.  Tuna steaks, yes.  Tuna fish out of a can or a pouch or a gold encrusted box from Tiffany's, no. 

E took her diaper off in her crib in protest of a nap the other morning.  When I walked in after she slept I thought for half a second that she hadn't peed the bed. 

Also, this child has some serious junk in her trunk.  It does not come from my side of the family.  I have no ass.  If she gets my other curves and that ass we are all in big trouble.

Am I the only one haunted by party favors?  The dollar store crap that just shows up, even after you thought you had thrown it away?  Would rather send children home with a shit load of candy and call it a day.  Or sidewalk chalk.   

It's one of those gray gloomy days where if you didn't have kids and didn't have a job you would just lay in bed and watch movies and drift in and out of sleep.  Although if you didn't have kids or didn't have a job that may be your everyday.

And since my kids are about to nap.  I'm gonna go pretend I don't have any kids or a job. for like 45 minutes.

Happy weekend friends.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

observations and revelations

Throwing it back to the old school cause I'm so cool.

January kicked my ass.  It took a full week for me to return to feeling semi normal.
This dieting thing is working.  I said bye to two pounds last week.  And it's probably no coincidence that as soon as I decided to diet I ran into a friend who talked me into a 5am bootcamp twice a week. There are small muscles I didn't know existed.

And the mornings where there isn't bootcamp I am sleeping in until 6 and running with a few others.  Honestly it makes it so much more enjoyable and goes by so much faster when you have someone to talk to and pass the time with.
Sometimes I look at the people I'm friends with on facebook and think, really?  Why?  I mean it's not like we talk, ever.  If we haven't talked since high school should we be facebook friends?  I mean if you have kids and we can relate and you say funny things sometimes, then I'm cool with it.  Then I got a request from a girl who I don't remember.  I didn't do anything with it.  Then she sent me a note reminding me who she is.  Really?  Is this what facebook has become?  Cause I don't think she's saving the whales and looking for support... I think she wants to stalk my pictures.  Not cool. 

I added some new initials this week.  LLC.  Now I can pay taxes.  Exciting, no?

Speaking of taxes, when our packet of documents arrived from our accountant this week it had our names on the outside and two other clients names and social security numbers on the inside.  So.  He's fired and I'd like to know who has our information.
And how about this one?  I'm not speaking in religious undertones but I love this.  Courtesy of Pinterest.  Which Dan told me last night is the newest and fastest growing social marketing tool.  Probably cause it's awesome.

I'm mourning the fact that my three year old can now pronounce L's.  No more 'I wuv you Mommy!' and no more 'Mommy I was the wine weader at school today!'.  Sad. 

I'm hosting a happy hour playdate with toys and crafts and drinks for the moms.  I was a little worried people would judge.  So far, everyone is coming.  Guess everyone is tired of the playground.

E has fallen for Elmo.  Honestly I am so happy!  Cause Cannon was Elmo obsessed but since he doesn't really watch anymore, and since she watches whatever he watches, I was worried she wouldn't even know who Elmo was.  Which I am pretty sure is a right of passage for a child.  But she does.  And she asks for him and dances to him and sings the song.  That little red monster is baby crack.

It's gonna be 'winter' here this weekend.  Cold and rainy.  I won't tell you how cold.  Cause you'll want to punch me.

The Best part? I'm actually really loving the early morning workouts.  It's good.  Hope you are too.