Monday, January 2, 2012

O&R new year's edition

Happy new year friends.  Hope it was fun.  And safe.  We celebrated at home.  Amongst luggage, laundry, boxes, and the Christmas turmoil we left behind when we set off for vacation.

We shared a bottle of champagne.  Good champagne.  And both still had a headache yesterday.  I have heard that to tolerate champagne you have to drink it on the regular.  Not sure I can afford that.  And know I can't tolerate that slight headache it brings me for long enough to 'build a tolerance'.

Thought today was a holiday.  As in no trash collection.  Was wrong.  Oh and not only was I wrong about trash but they rounded the corner to pick up Christmas trees too.  Know what happens when you see them three houses away and undecorate your tree in five minutes?  Not pretty.

So thankful to have had the last two days to recoup/regroup/clean/organize/get life back together.  Also so thankful school resumes on Wednesday.  Even if it is only three hours this week.

Never missed the dog so much in my life.  He's been at 'camp' since Christmas eve.  Never realized exactly how much food he cleans up off the floor until now.  When one year olds walk around with pretzel sticks it's not pretty.  At all.  He will have a smorgasbord in a few short hours.

E is definitely my daughter.  And not just because we look alike.  The child loves to eat.  Anything.  Anywhere. Anytime.  If you have food, she wants it.  And let's you know it.  This is endearing now.  When she's 12, probably not.  Hopefully she has her father's metabolism.

Do you know what a 'willit' is?  Apparently it's a yellow and blue snail like creature that spits on three year olds in their dreams.  Have a half asleep three year old tell you that at midnight and try not to laugh.  Dare you.

There is a 'hard freeze' here tonight.  Apparently that means you get out all your ugly old sheets and put them in your front yard.  Interesting.  There are sheets I should have saved for such an occassion.  My apoligies ahead of time to those of you who may be visiting us in the coming weeks.  Promise to wash them.  Swears.

Promised Dan I'd watch more movies with him this year.  I don't really love movies or even like them.  But he does.  Started last night with Horrible Bosses.  Hilarious.  Hoping he returns the favor by partaking in this season of the Bachelor.

Doing ok so far on my promise to blog more. You can thank me now.  Or later.  Whichever.

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