Friday, December 30, 2011

well thank you, 2011.

Do you remember last year's new years eve post?  I didn't either.  So I went back and read it. 

You should too, before you continue.

I have been a blog slacker (btw, just renewed my domain therefore I resolve to be a better blogger than I have been the final quarter of 2011) and wasn't even sure I was going to write a new year's post this year.  But, alas.  Here we are. 

So.  2011.  Wow.  We had no idea what you had in store for us and boy did you ever have plans.  First, let's review the things I said I wanted to do (because I don't make resolutions, I think they're BS and can't keep one).

I said I wanted to do another half marathon.  Fail.  I did not do another half.  However, I have taken a liking to jogging and plan to continue.  I have no current desires to run 13.1 miles.

A long weekend with the husband was on the list.  Well.  We had plans to go to the Greenbrier and take a long wonderful weekend.  But life got in the way and when we were supposed to go on the trip we were putting our house on the market.  We did spend a night downtown without our kiddos.  That kind of counts.

I requested eight solid of sleep.  I think I get that on the regular now so that's checked off the list.

Write more.  I did write more.  A lot more this summer and fall.  I had a lot to write about.  We moved.  To Florida.  We lived in an apartment.  With a dog.  We bought a new house.  We started a new life.  Then I stopped writing when that new life got busy.  Again.  Will be better. Swears.

I did not figure out how to make a living blogging.  However if I ever get a tax id (which is on my to do list... cause you need one when you have a small (teeny tiny business) I may get 10 bucks from adsense.

I wanted to become a better photographer.  This one makes me smile.  This one makes me proud.  This one.  I did this.  And I am learning.  Every day.  And people are paying me.  To take pictures.  Get out of town.  Pinching myself.  Cause I kicked this one's ass.

I wanted to ring in my 30th in style.  Thanks to my amazing better half.  That happened.  In a major way. 

And we laughed.  We celebrated.  We loved hard.  

We are wrapping up the year with a week with our toes in the sand.  So lucky.  So grateful.  Not taking one second of it for granted.

So over crab cakes and champagne we will ring in a new year just the two of us (cause the other two will be in bed by then.)  With new things in store.  New adventures.  New excitement.  New.  And from 2011 we will bring with us the knowledge that things happen for a reason.  A peace of mind that what will be.  Will be.  And joy.  We will bring the joy and laughter and never ending fun that Cannon and Emerson bring us every day.

And so to plagiarize myself from last year.  Hope your plans are stellar. Hope the champagne is cold. Hope 2012 is magical. 

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