Wednesday, December 21, 2011

O & R four days away...

I've had some requests for some laughs.  Ok. Fine, one request.  From a best friend.  Whatever. 
The Santa/ Elf on the Shelf threat has lost all power.  The breakdowns are epic and it's like the kids understand that stress comes with the holidays.

Against my better judgement I went to both the grocery store and the mall Monday with both of my children.  Here's the thing.  Monday afternoon at the mall the Monday before Christmas is not quiet like I thought it would be.  At all.  And it never fails.  We finally get to the store we need to go to and he says "Mommy!  I need to poop!"  Every. Single. Effing. Time.
Took the 3 year old to the dentist a few weeks ago.  He was a rockstar.  Just laid there and watched Bubble Guppies.  He had a cavity.  I lost my mom of the year award.  Shockingly.  It's not from the crap he eats.  Cause it was on a front tooth.  So now he flosses.  More than I do.  And no more milk before bed.  Lesson learned.

How do you discpline a one year old? She pinches.  When you are holding her she pinches your arm.  When she is standing at your feet, she grabs your knee skin (don't lie, you have it too) or tries for some other skin.  And when you say no, yell no, move away, tell her it's bad, she smiles.  Laughs even. 

I think I am finished Christmas shopping.  Think.  But this is the time where I get all 'I don't care, just buy it'.  So staying away from the aforementioned mall is important. 

I ordered too many Christmas cards.  Way too many.  Want one?
I don't know what to wear when it's December and it's 80.  I feel weird putting on shorts and flip flops.  I mean not weird enough to not do it.  Just to be clear.
Speaking of what to wear. Man am I in a damn rut.  I feel like I wear the same five things all the time.  Hoping Santa sends some giftcards and some time to shop.  All by myself.

In our old house it was hard for babies to open doors.  They were knobs.  Here they are handles.  And she can open them. And she does.  In particular the one to the bathroom.  Oh and the lid is always up.  Cause I have a boy.  So that's fun.

Christmas cookies with their great grandmother and cousin this afternoon.  So that's pretty rad. 

Also, I plan on bringing 'rad' back.  Also bringing 'sexy' back.

Hope you are merry.  Hope things are bright.  Hope you didn't miss me too much.  To all a good night.

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Lindsey said...

I put toilet seats down. Adam leaves them up. Connor was balancing so well on one foot and had his other in the water. Foot... kid, really? Your hand is much easier.