Monday, December 5, 2011


We got a tree this weekend.  It's late for us.  Travel and busyness delayed the selection of the perfect frazer fir. 

Fireworks stands and Christmas tree lots are everywhere in Florida.  At their respective times of year of course.  So there's the huge lot at our local high school which benefits the boosters. So, while fighting off the plague a stomach bug we ventured out.

Cannon was in love with walking among the trees, smelling the smell, helping Daddy pick the perfect one.  Until.  He spotted him.  You know.  The man of the season.  He's on every corner, in every store, watching your every move. 

Cue the bee line to Santa, who's back was to us because he was helping himself to some warm coffee (cause it was a frigid 78 degrees at 1pm).  Cannon stopped about three feet behind Santa and said, 'Mommy, I just want to watch'.  So he did.  Then Santa turned around and this is what came out of his mouth, 'Hi Santa, My name is Cannon and I would like a scooter for Christmas please'.  Of course it was slightly mumbled because everyone gets nervous when talking to the man with the list.  But it was magic.

Pure magic.

Santa had on Air Jordans.  Was slightly thinner than a 'jolly old elf' and his costume left a lot to be desired.  It didn't matter.  In the eyes of a three year old, he was in the presence of greatness. 

I know the real reason for the season and thanks to Christmas carols and a nondenomenational preschool, Cannon does too, ish.  I mean he knows it's someones birthday.  That's good for now. 

But there's another part of the season.  A part that lives in the eyes and hearts of children.  A part that is pure magic.  About this generous man who blesses you with gifts once a year.  If you believe.  And when you've seen a three year old who's gotten an email video from Santa ( do it, trust me) or who runs into Santa and simply must go talk to him, you know it's there.  There's magic in the air.  And sure, we may get to play Santa to keep the magic alive but for me, that's the best part.  That's the fun.  Seeing your children's eyes light up and knowing that someday, they'll know.  But for now, they believe.  It's magic.  Pure magic.

It's why we sleep in our house on Christmas eve.   So that we can wake up in our house on Christmas morning.  It's why we have a date night coming up to go get dinner, drink some wine, and then go spoil our kids.  It's absolutely my favorite part. 

The Best part.  If you will.

Merry merry friends.


Jenn and Casey said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the magic :) Enjoy the spoiling!

Anne and Mike Field said...

Love it! I'm always a big Christmas fan but am extra excited this year with Advent calendar, breakfast with Santa, CTA holiday train, etc. And that E's most requested gift is a yellow umbrella from Santa Claus. Slightly concerned by how to respond to "Santa Claus brings Baby Jesus Christmas," but hey, at least she gets that both guys are related to the big day!

On another note, website looks great! Especially love the titles of the packages and how they have personality. Are you getting mobile optimized version? I do almost everything on my phone or iPad...