Monday, November 7, 2011

Observations and Revelations: the way I used to do them.

Wanna hear about the time Cannon took the chain off my bike while standing on an ant hill at a park four miles from home?

For a half a second on Halloween I worried that our new neighbors would judge us trick or treating with cocktails. A half a second. Turns out if we didn't have a drink they would have judged.

It's freaking gorgeous here. Like high of 80 and low of 60. We are going to freeze in the northeast in a few weeks. Probably cause our kids don't have winter clothes.

We got 'elf on a shelf' out almost a week ago. His name is Elfie. Here's to a solid two months of behavior enrichment.  Now if we can remember to hide him nightly... and remember where we hid him.

We are back on the eating healthy and working out train.  The diet of peanuts and candy corn wasn't doing it for me.  I still hate running but I hate it less in gorgeous weather.  Dan is on the train too.  This of course means he will lose 10 pounds by tomorrow eating tuna fish and cheese for every meal.  I, on the other hand, will fight for every tenth of a pound.

We're back on the train mostly because we want to go into the holidays feeling fit.  Cause we like to indulge if you didn't know that about us.  There is a vacation coming where I want to eat key lime pie and drink cold beer on the beach.  Also, Thanksgiving isn't exactly a healthy holiday.  So.  We will run.  And lower our carb intake. 

Hello Skinny Girl Margarita.  I didn't say I was going to stop drinking.

So.  I bought a domain this weekend.  I guess that means now I own two.  This one and  I have no idea what to do with the domain but baby steps.  I am having a blast taking pictures.  A blast.

I swear this won't turn into a photography blog.  I don't know nearly enough for that.  I bow down to some of the photographers I have started stalking.  I've been liking photographers facebook pages like crazy.  Then I saw a picture that almost made me throw up.  Picture this.  Pregnant belly.  Only the belly, no head or legs.  Hair man arms wrapped around the belly forming the over used cliched heart with his hands.  And super imposed in the heart is a 3d ultra sound picture of the baby.  If that woman can get paid to take pictures, I can succeed too.

I don't think I have ever been wrong guessing the sex of a baby.  Maybe once.  But still.  That's a good track record.

Tomorrow night I get to have dinner with one of my best friends.  With no children.  And real napkins and adult conversation.  I am in love already.

The Best part?  Fall in Florida.  I am in love.


Jenn and Casey said...

Good luck with your photography business! I really enjoy your blog, and looking at your pictures! Also, I made my husband take the leftover Halloween candy to work today. Time to stop living on a diet of kit kats and fun sized hershey bars! Good luck with your running! :)

Anne and Mike Field said...

I am already missing candy corn! But probably better that it's gone since I'm almost not pregnant anymore. So what do you think I'm having?? Or do you have to see me?