Thursday, November 17, 2011


I do believe we will spend two of the next three days at the beach. Cause we can. And who doesn't want to go to the frozen north sporting at least a slight tan?

I despise chain letters. In the last week I have gotten two. One for books. One for stickers. I told the book lady to shove it, in nicer terms. The stickers. That one came from a bestie. Who is a loyal reader. Who is lucky she is 1,000 miles away. Just too bad she has to see me face to face in a week.

Know what's awesome? Holding your 24 pound one year old in one arm and your 30 pound (weight differential doesn't seem quite right) three year old in the other arm so he can pee in a public potty that is too tall for him to stand and reach to pee. Also you are holding your wallet, and keys.

Jogging with a double jogger loaded with aforementioned 50+ pounds of
kids in the 85 degree Florida heat the week before thanksgiving should count as double mileage. At least.

Not writing much lately because my creative brain is dedicated to capturing moments for local families. And it's awesome. And so is word of mouth marketing.

A month or so ago this indentation showed up in my upper thigh. I was pretty sure it was a tumor or a blood clot or my twin growing in my leg. Figured out this week that the indentation is exactly where my bathroom counter hits my leg. Also where the pulls on my kitchen drawers hit my leg. Right now I am leaning against the drawers typing on the iPad. Glad I didn't go for a CT scan but kind of weirded out by the cause and effect here.

In one hour this week I filled four trash bags with toys for kids who aren't as lucky as mine. And one bag for the trash. And I took it to goodwill and was done with it. And there was no one around to stop me. Felt fantastic and I may just do it a few more times before Christmas.

Running a couple miles a day. Haven't lost a pound. Not eating bread or pasta. Or crap. Never really did. Still drinking. Feel better even if I haven't lost any weight.

Red Envelope has stepped up its game.

I have two children and have not gotten one toy catalog in the mail. To quote Julia Roberts.... Big mistake. Huge.

I will leave you with one final thought. Thanksgiving is less than a week away. And Justin Bieber looks like a girl.

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Megan said...

I have been going to the tanning bed all week to compete with your 'real' tan :) Can't wait to see you!