Tuesday, November 29, 2011

O and R. It's been a while.

We ate turkey. Twice. We spent eight days with two different families. We flew thousands of miles. Slept thousands of seconds. I am barely hanging on.

I put Christmas lights on palm trees today.  Yep.  Looks awesome.  Did you know those bitches have thorns?  Me either.  Do now.

I used to hold a record for getting my Christmas cards out first. Streak broken.
Also. There's a typo on the Christmas card. Can't blame any other asshole. It's my fault. Plan on eliminating anyone who points out said typo from next years Christmas card spreadsheet.

One year olds on full flights suck.

Something happened last week. I have been running (read: jogging. Slowly.). And I hated it. But I was doing it daily. Usually a couple miles. Then on Wednesday I went a couple miles and finished and felt amazing. Like I could keep going. Like I wasn't going to die. Wasn't panting. And I loved it. So with my better half by my side on thanksgiving we ran a 5k.  And I ran on Friday. Took the weekend off cause we were out of town. Got home tonight. Ran again. For the first time ever I don't hate it. It's pretty cool.

Do not pack candles if you move to Florida.  They will not be burnable at Christmas time.
The stockings are hung on the stairs with care.  Because in Florida fireplaces are rare.

The baby's hair is in that weird stage where she always looks like a ragamuffin.  And she still won't wear bows.  But I am not cutting it.  So.  Ragamuffin it is.

Happy Christmas time y'all!


Bedwell said...

I love this! :) Great job on running, so proud of you. Such an inspiration for new runners.

Jenn and Casey said...

Congrats on the running! Sorry about the thorns :(