Tuesday, November 1, 2011

it's good. really good.

You know what's awesome?  When something starts falling into place.  Like you hoped it would.  See, I decided I liked taking pictures.  Then I decided I loved taking pictures.  Then I decided to practice and learn and grow and I decided I might be good at taking pictures.  And it turns out, I'm not the only one who thinks that.  That is awesome.

Something else that's awesome.  It has opened up a whole other side of my brain that I have either never used or that I shelved in favor of writing stories about murderers and snowstorms and tax season.  I am creative.  It's fascinating to me the way I look at things now. 

When I see scenes, I picture how it might look in a picture.  How I would frame it or if the lighting would work.  I liken it to when I moved to Spain and found myself thinking in Spanish.  I was really learning it.  Being immersed and knowing that you have so much to learn and that you are beginning what could be a really awesome adventure, it rocks.  

I am totally and completely intimidated by what I don't know and that's awesome.  That means that I won't ever stop learning about it.  And it means that I will always be humbled by the work of others and honored that people think I am good enough to take their pictures.  It's totally rad.  Totally rad.

Another awesome thing is when someone decides to pay it forward.  Thanks to social networking I have this friend and photography mentor who is friends with a lot of my friends but who I have never met.  And she's helpful  And encouraging.  And funny.  And excited for me.  And you should hire her if you live in Indy.  And she picked me to pay it forward to.  That's rad too.

The Best part?  It's good.  Really good.

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Jess said...

Adorable. :) I'm happy for you. Finding something good is an awesome thing.