Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Observations and Revelations

I no longer miss fall. It's freaking gorgeous here. We hang out on blankets in the yard. Play at the playground. Don't have to bundle up. Yep. I will take it.

The sound of the dog cleaning himself makes me want to vomit. Same as when I find a sippy in the corner and then discover it contains milk.

We still have Kentucky license plates.

My baby girl weighs almost 4 pounds more than Cannon did when he turned one. What's up 90th percentile.

Halloween has been approaching forever. Been in the stores since July and it's still days away. So it's taking forever. But then once it's over Christmas will be here in like 2 days.

Speaking of that.  The pictures of the ghost costume.  Are gonna be amazing.  Not to set myself up for failure...

Texas has more than two thousand airports. Go Cardinals.

I made cake balls. They are freaking amazing. They went to work with Dan this morning.

My flash is busted. Not good.

We fought a fever from 2 until 5 this morning.  So that's awesome.

And I was just thinking (didn't say it out loud or even type it for fear of jinxing it) that we have not had any sicknesses since we moved down here. 

The three year old didn't want to sit in the jogger this morning.  So he ran with me.  Yep.  Still not napping.  Didn't run fast enough apparently.

The Best part?  I forced myself to jog even though I slept like three hours last night.  Then I came home and ate a chicken breast.  And three handfulls of peanuts and candy corn.  Fail.

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Lindsey said...

Why is pigging out the best part after running? I never understand my empty stomach post run. Sheesh. Talk about blowing the past hour's work!