Monday, October 10, 2011

O&R on a Monday

We are in bow training. It's serious. Cause girls wear bows. And we have fabulous bows. It involves about 30 to 40 minutes a day of E ripping the bow out of her hair and me putting it back in and clapping and saying 'yay! Pretty Emme!' It's a battle of wills. I plan on prevailing.

Because I don't blog enough places. I am going to start blogging for a hyper local news website here in Tampa. It's called the Patch. Owned by AOL. Nope. I had never heard of it either. Going to do some mom blogging in hopes of atrracting more mom readers to the Patch. Pretty excited about It. Will pimp my first post. Don't worry. Someday maybe I could get paid for this. Although I have almost earned my first 10$ on those lovely ads you see to the right. $10. Only took 6 months or so. Won't spend it all in one place. Promise.

I am going to start running again. Not because I like it. But because I like how I look and feel when I am doing it. No races. Just a daily jog.

Same note. Detox this week. Drinking water. Not wine. The weekend indulging has become obscene.

I am making a tutu. You read that right.

I am also making friends. More exciting than a tutu.

The pumpkins I bought last week are rotting already. Lesson learned. End of season sale on those plastic ones you store in the attic, here I come.

We are done with formula. And could be done with bottles. Because she drinks from a sippy just fine. But mama is not ready for no bottles. She still has to be a baby.

There is a major kitchen reno coming next week. Promise before and afters.

Hope your weekend was fab.

The Best part? The tutu. It's teal and red.

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Brandi said...

I hate that I'm so behind in reading your posts Corey but as always this brought a smile to my face :)

Yes, you will prevail with bow training. Bows are a must!

Congrats on the Patch! That's really awesome.

And finally, you MUST share pics of the tutu! lol