Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bye bye MOTY

I lost my MOTY award tonight.  That's Mom of The Year if you're new.  Gone.  And so close to the end of the year too.

When 3 year olds who are used to napping, don't nap, there are silly fits thrown over nothing. 

My kids play in the cabinets.  Not the ones with the chemicals.  I'm not that horrible.  On this particular evening.  Tonight.  Emerson was playing in the side of the cabinet Cannon wanted to play in.  Throw out all rational thinking because it's after five and as I mentioned, no nap.  Instead of opening the other door and playing in the other side he got in with her.  Smashing her to the back of the cabinet. 

I wasn't angry.  I didn't yank.  I didn't yell.  I just took his hand and pulled gently to get him out of the cabinet and give her thighs some room. 

I felt it.  In my hand.  Pop.


And just like that he quit using his left side.  We've been here before.  Wrapping up Sunday Funday with a dance party in the living room, a dance move with a friend caused the same pop.  That time we didn't know what it was and figured he was just tired. 

Nursemaid's Elbow.  It's called that because nursemaids used to grab kids hands and pull them by the hand.  It would in turn, pull their elbow out of it's socket.

Yep.  Happened tonight.  I know I didn't do it on purpose.  I know it was an accident.  But when your little boy looks at you crying and says 'mommy, I don't feel so good' and you know you made him feel that way, it still sucks.

He's fine now.  And the cookie I wouldn't give him earlier cause he didn't eat dinner.  He's totally getting it.  And a popsicle too if he wants one.  And maybe even a new car.

I can only hope that Dan took notes this time and we learn the proper repair technique.  Not that I plan on doing it again.  Ever.

The Best part? The award is up for grabs.  So have at it ladies.  Like a bouquet toss at a wedding.


Audrey said...

Poor little buddy and poor Mama's heart. I think you should both eat all the cookies you want!

Michelle said...

Try when your husband is horsing around on the bed doing airplane with your son and he slips and bangs his leg on the side table breaking it. Yup college, car, and cell phone on us. Thank you very much.

Carey said...

We had that happen to Hallie...twice, be prepared for it to happen again, Barry was very good at the technique!

Amber said...

I usually let that bouquet fall to the ground at weddings because I just don't think anyone can live up to the romantic idea of it (however, you and Dan give me hope and seem to be proving me wrong. YAY!) Regardless, same goes for the MOTY award. You do what you have to do in the moment to rectify the situation. And then....cookies will flow. At our house, its legos. It starting to get expensive.