Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Observations and Revelations

I no longer miss fall. It's freaking gorgeous here. We hang out on blankets in the yard. Play at the playground. Don't have to bundle up. Yep. I will take it.

The sound of the dog cleaning himself makes me want to vomit. Same as when I find a sippy in the corner and then discover it contains milk.

We still have Kentucky license plates.

My baby girl weighs almost 4 pounds more than Cannon did when he turned one. What's up 90th percentile.

Halloween has been approaching forever. Been in the stores since July and it's still days away. So it's taking forever. But then once it's over Christmas will be here in like 2 days.

Speaking of that.  The pictures of the ghost costume.  Are gonna be amazing.  Not to set myself up for failure...

Texas has more than two thousand airports. Go Cardinals.

I made cake balls. They are freaking amazing. They went to work with Dan this morning.

My flash is busted. Not good.

We fought a fever from 2 until 5 this morning.  So that's awesome.

And I was just thinking (didn't say it out loud or even type it for fear of jinxing it) that we have not had any sicknesses since we moved down here. 

The three year old didn't want to sit in the jogger this morning.  So he ran with me.  Yep.  Still not napping.  Didn't run fast enough apparently.

The Best part?  I forced myself to jog even though I slept like three hours last night.  Then I came home and ate a chicken breast.  And three handfulls of peanuts and candy corn.  Fail.

Friday, October 21, 2011

1 year.

I'm not going to tell you her stats.  Cause I don't know them.  Just know that her thighs are fabulous.  I'm not going to tell you what she's accomplished, how smart she is, or how ahead of the curve she is.  She's normal.  That's all you need to know.  I mean medically, she's normal.

I can not believe that a year ago today we welcomed Emerson Elizabeth (if you're just joining us, here's a link to October of 2010) into our world.  I'm not going to tell you how long or miserable labor was or how many stitches I required.  Cause it doesn't matter.  She was worth every single second.

This has been without question the fastest year of my life.  And the best.  My children adore eachother (most of the time), they are healthy, and our little girl is one today. 

She is funny.  Sweet.  Cuddly.  And she is that baby who smiles at everyone.  Brings joy to anyone.  If you're lucky enough to have a baby like this, you know what I am talking about.  She dances on command, and whenever she hears music.  She smiles when you look at her.  She is just absolutely wonderful. 

So proud that she is ours.

So this weekend we celebrate our little Emme.  Our peanut.  Our chunkamonk.  Our Emme Lou.  We celebrate Emerson Elizabeth.  The little girl who none of us can imagine our lives without.

Happy first birthday Emerson.  You make our souls smile.  Love you more than words.

The Best part?  EEB

Thursday, October 20, 2011

before and after

The kitchen is almost done.  It was minor as far as kitchen renovations go but it makes a world of difference.  So, I promised.  Here are a couple before and afters.  Laminate to granite.  And a new sick and faucet.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bye bye MOTY

I lost my MOTY award tonight.  That's Mom of The Year if you're new.  Gone.  And so close to the end of the year too.

When 3 year olds who are used to napping, don't nap, there are silly fits thrown over nothing. 

My kids play in the cabinets.  Not the ones with the chemicals.  I'm not that horrible.  On this particular evening.  Tonight.  Emerson was playing in the side of the cabinet Cannon wanted to play in.  Throw out all rational thinking because it's after five and as I mentioned, no nap.  Instead of opening the other door and playing in the other side he got in with her.  Smashing her to the back of the cabinet. 

I wasn't angry.  I didn't yank.  I didn't yell.  I just took his hand and pulled gently to get him out of the cabinet and give her thighs some room. 

I felt it.  In my hand.  Pop.


And just like that he quit using his left side.  We've been here before.  Wrapping up Sunday Funday with a dance party in the living room, a dance move with a friend caused the same pop.  That time we didn't know what it was and figured he was just tired. 

Nursemaid's Elbow.  It's called that because nursemaids used to grab kids hands and pull them by the hand.  It would in turn, pull their elbow out of it's socket.

Yep.  Happened tonight.  I know I didn't do it on purpose.  I know it was an accident.  But when your little boy looks at you crying and says 'mommy, I don't feel so good' and you know you made him feel that way, it still sucks.

He's fine now.  And the cookie I wouldn't give him earlier cause he didn't eat dinner.  He's totally getting it.  And a popsicle too if he wants one.  And maybe even a new car.

I can only hope that Dan took notes this time and we learn the proper repair technique.  Not that I plan on doing it again.  Ever.

The Best part? The award is up for grabs.  So have at it ladies.  Like a bouquet toss at a wedding.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Observations and Revelations Random Edition

Both of my kids are napping right now.  Thank you Jesus.  Apparently when 3 year olds quit napping it builds and builds and builds up to the giantest meltdown you ever saw involving the throwing of chicken nuggets, pushing of your sister, and bawling for the better part of an hour before you pass out.  Duly noted.

I had two photo sessions this weekend.  I am totally pleased with the results and I think (hope) the 'clients' are too.  I am loving it.  Like really having fun being creative and working around the sun and fussy kids and BBQ and blues fests that take place where you want to shoot.  If you want to see the pictures head over to this Facebook page.  Perhaps click that 'like' button while you are there? Just a thought.

I need to buy editing software.  Observations and revelations posts can also serve as my 'to do' list.

I've been writing a lot over at Poop lately.  You should check it out.

Got a new dining room table last week.  Couldn't wait for hubs to get home to help me get it out of the car.  Therefore.  Did it myself.  I've done smarter things in my time. 

My baby girl is going to be one in five short days.  Fastest year of my life.  She makes my soul smile.

Cannon came running down the stairs this morning and said 'mommy! let me see how pretty you look!  So pretty!'.  He can throw all the chicken nuggets he wants.

Kitchen redo.  Manana.  Before and after post soon.  Not cleaning my counters today.

One of my very bestest had a major surgery last week.  She came through brilliantly.  So thankful.  Now mailing her all my seasons of Friends on DVD because it's still funny even if it is on Nick at Nite now.

And peace and quiet over.  Baby awake.

The Best part? Celebrating our favorite little girl.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Paper Heart Camera: Show and Tell... Round

I haven't done this in a little while but this week's challenge at Paper Heart Camera is round.

And how could I not? 

A perfect.  Round.  Belly. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

O&R on a Monday

We are in bow training. It's serious. Cause girls wear bows. And we have fabulous bows. It involves about 30 to 40 minutes a day of E ripping the bow out of her hair and me putting it back in and clapping and saying 'yay! Pretty Emme!' It's a battle of wills. I plan on prevailing.

Because I don't blog enough places. I am going to start blogging for a hyper local news website here in Tampa. It's called the Patch. Owned by AOL. Nope. I had never heard of it either. Going to do some mom blogging in hopes of atrracting more mom readers to the Patch. Pretty excited about It. Will pimp my first post. Don't worry. Someday maybe I could get paid for this. Although I have almost earned my first 10$ on those lovely ads you see to the right. $10. Only took 6 months or so. Won't spend it all in one place. Promise.

I am going to start running again. Not because I like it. But because I like how I look and feel when I am doing it. No races. Just a daily jog.

Same note. Detox this week. Drinking water. Not wine. The weekend indulging has become obscene.

I am making a tutu. You read that right.

I am also making friends. More exciting than a tutu.

The pumpkins I bought last week are rotting already. Lesson learned. End of season sale on those plastic ones you store in the attic, here I come.

We are done with formula. And could be done with bottles. Because she drinks from a sippy just fine. But mama is not ready for no bottles. She still has to be a baby.

There is a major kitchen reno coming next week. Promise before and afters.

Hope your weekend was fab.

The Best part? The tutu. It's teal and red.

Friday, October 7, 2011

So long. Farewell.

Its currently pouring.  You know the kind of rain where you hear the pitter patter of the drops on the roof and an occasional thunder clap.  The kind of rain that makes you want to turn off all the lights and crawl under the covers for an hour or two.  That kind of rain. 

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I would be upstairs sleeping (or maybe showering cause that needs to be a priority in my life too) but instead I am listening to the pitter patter of rain drops interrupted regularly by the clomp of a three year old jumping out of his bed and onto the floor. 

You see, it's nap time.  For the last three years of my life from 1-3 it's naptime.  It's time to recharge.  Time for me to straighten up, blog, facebook, pee in peace, shower, watch Private Practice.  It's breaktime.  And it's time for him to rest.  To stop the transition into terror and return to the sweet little boy who is rested and a pleasure to be around. 

They say you never know how much you love something until it's gone.

Only I am all too aware of how much I love this time.  At first I hoped it was a phase.  It's always a phase.  Right? That's the rule with kids.  As soon as you figure it out, it changes.  Only this isn't changing.  It's potentially our new reality.  We get maybe two naps a week now.  The evenings where he crumbles on the floor into a ball of tears over having a blue shirt on at 6:30.  Yeah.  That.   

So I call it quiet time.  He's in his room and is not allowed to come out.  Usually about an hour in I hear the door open and tell him to go back inside.  About an hour and fifteen in he takes all his clothes off and picks out new clothes.  An hour thirty in and he's opening and closing the door about every minute.  When I finally go in to release the prisoner his goulashes are always out.  There are books scattered around the room and he has removed the clothes he changed into and is naked. 

We don't have fancy video monitors. It's probably better that I don't see what's going on in there. 

I've tried bribing him to sleep.  Fail.  I do my best to wear him out (we went swimming this morning... outside... in October...weird) but alas, he's now playing the drums.  And we don't have a drum set.

And so.  On this rainy 'fall' afternoon I am releasing my hold on naptime.  I am working on coming to terms with it.  Just because I have to accept it doesn't mean I have to like it. 

And if you think for one second that I won't still attempt a nap every day by enfocing quiet time, you would be wrong.  Cause tomorrow?  Maybe soccer practice will do the trick. 

The Best part?  One of my kids still naps.  Twice a day.  And.  It's Friday.  Happy weekend friends.