Tuesday, September 6, 2011

O&R cardboard abounds

Well lookie here. I am here. And. Every box is unpacked. In one week. I will let you have a moment to applaud our efforts. There is a car in the garage and there would be two if the garbage men had come on Labor day. They didn't.

There is a pile to the ceiling of broken down boxes for the moving company to come get. It works nicely in the room I have no furniture for.

We feel settled. Close to normal. It feels amazing.

The dog apparently didn't get the memo that we moved to Florida 7 weeks ago. The shedding is epic.

On Thursday I will have a three year old. I keep telling him that he needs to act like one. And as soon as I say it I remember, he is acting like one.

Know what sucks about preschool on Monday and Wednesday? Labor day.

Have I mentioned never taking your basement for granted? Cause that wok you use once a year? The wreath (or reef if you prefer) you pull out in the spring? The giant workout ball you never use? Well. If you didn't have a basement....

Normally I would have scarecrows out and a fall wreath. I am going to miss the change of seasons. Cause if we open our windows we might die. But I will burn harvest scented candles and pretend. I will not feel the same way in February. So I rest easy with the a/c on.

Bought patio cushions on sale. Had to go to six different Walmarts to find them all. Totally worth it.

On a different Walmart trip saw a woman walking around in her bathing suit. No pants. Cause it's Florida?

I have a photo shoot on Saturday! A teeny tiny baby shoot! Yay!

There are projects to be done, painting to tackle, and furniture to shop for... But life is good. We are good. Hope you are too!

Happy fall y'all!

The Best part? Settled. We are settled.

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