Thursday, September 29, 2011

O&R 2 in a row.

So we live in a 'deed restricted community'. Lots in Florida are so don't go thinking we're all fancy. And we got our first violation letter. About our mailbox. No, its not a bass with it's mouth open. It's the same mailbox everyone else has. The same mailbox that was here when we bought the house. The letter didn't say what was wrong with it. I wonder how they will feel about my plastic light up Nativity scene come holiday time. Kidding. About the nativity scene, not the letter. 

The baby stood up on her own today. We were at a playgroup and she was across the room. She also attempted to stand up in a shopping cart. I miss shopping alone.

I put giant spiders around our palm trees. And webs. Cause I can. Until the HOA makes me take them down.

It's going to get 'cold' here next week. The moms at playgroup were talking about how it may get below 70 at night. And only like 85 during the day. Guess I will get out my Uggs.

Similar note. They cook in crock pots here year round. That's a fall and winter thing for my family. Cause there is nothing I want less when I am sweating my ass off from being outside than a hot bowl of white chicken chili or some meatballs that have spent the day simmering. Cold chicken and iced tea please.

If you haven't seen Up All Night on NBC you are missing out. Remember, I was the first to declare Modern Family the best show on television. Just saying. I pick winners.

What if the dog didn't shed? Cause Florida and golden retrievers should be illegal.

I am more than halfway through the last container of formula I intend on buying. Mama's getting a raise. Even though we've only been buying it for like a month.

Wanna know what a diaper does in the washing machine?  Yeah I didn't want to know either.  And no, I have no idea if it was clean or dirty.  I mean I know it wasn't poopy but wet, total possibility.  **shudder**

Turns out the mailbox needs to be painted.  Why the letter didn't just ask us to paint it is beyond me.  The property manager now knows how I feel.

The Best part? It's gonna 'cool' off!

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