Friday, September 30, 2011

Over at Poop today

Play 'never have I ever' or a version of it over at the poop whisperer today.

Also, while you're over there you should probably vote for us... Since Poop was nominated as one of the best parenting blogs. Just saying. :)

Happy weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

O&R 2 in a row.

So we live in a 'deed restricted community'. Lots in Florida are so don't go thinking we're all fancy. And we got our first violation letter. About our mailbox. No, its not a bass with it's mouth open. It's the same mailbox everyone else has. The same mailbox that was here when we bought the house. The letter didn't say what was wrong with it. I wonder how they will feel about my plastic light up Nativity scene come holiday time. Kidding. About the nativity scene, not the letter. 

The baby stood up on her own today. We were at a playgroup and she was across the room. She also attempted to stand up in a shopping cart. I miss shopping alone.

I put giant spiders around our palm trees. And webs. Cause I can. Until the HOA makes me take them down.

It's going to get 'cold' here next week. The moms at playgroup were talking about how it may get below 70 at night. And only like 85 during the day. Guess I will get out my Uggs.

Similar note. They cook in crock pots here year round. That's a fall and winter thing for my family. Cause there is nothing I want less when I am sweating my ass off from being outside than a hot bowl of white chicken chili or some meatballs that have spent the day simmering. Cold chicken and iced tea please.

If you haven't seen Up All Night on NBC you are missing out. Remember, I was the first to declare Modern Family the best show on television. Just saying. I pick winners.

What if the dog didn't shed? Cause Florida and golden retrievers should be illegal.

I am more than halfway through the last container of formula I intend on buying. Mama's getting a raise. Even though we've only been buying it for like a month.

Wanna know what a diaper does in the washing machine?  Yeah I didn't want to know either.  And no, I have no idea if it was clean or dirty.  I mean I know it wasn't poopy but wet, total possibility.  **shudder**

Turns out the mailbox needs to be painted.  Why the letter didn't just ask us to paint it is beyond me.  The property manager now knows how I feel.

The Best part? It's gonna 'cool' off!

Monday, September 26, 2011

O&R worst blogger everrrr

Me.  I am talking about myself.  My mojo is missing.  Or time is missing.  Anyway.  Thanks for sticking around.

Speaking of sticking around, I just deleted like 40 blogs from my subscriptions.  1. Google should make that easier.  2. if you do giveaways constantly of stupid products, I'm gone.  3. If you post nothing but pictures of yourself in different outfts from various retailers you are likely too old to shop at, also gone. 4. if you are boring.  Bye. 

Last week was packed with playdates.  Like packed.  Cause we need friends.  All of us do.  Friends who live in the same city.  So we are working on it.

The dog has a new electric fence.  He protested by taking a giant shit on the stairs while I was gone one day last week.  Then he chased a cat up a tree three yards away.  So just for that, I turned it up.  Now when he goes to the corner of the living room, he gets buzzed.  Didn't want him in there anyway.

Cannon has fallen in love with our new shower.  It's a walk in without a door so he thinks it's pretty rad.  He's right.  The other night I was trying to get the baby to drink rice cereal in her bottle which she was having none of and asked the husband to bring me a new bottle.  He didn't respond.  So I begrugingly got up and went to find him.  I found him.  With two plastic bags on his hands.  Someone loves the new shower so much he decided to poop in it. 

We spent the weekend at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Ate breakfast with giraffes and zebras.  Didn't step foot inside any amusement park.  And yet we are still exhausted.  Like beyond tired.  We will have to start training before we make our first official Disney trip.

I got carded at a bar. 

I fell in love with a mom.  See on Friday night we were stupid and took the three year old without his swim suit to 'check out' the pool.  Bad idea.  None of us had suits on and he was swimming.  In his clothes and wouldn't come out.  Until this brilliant mom saw our struggles and asked Cannon if he would like to come home with her.  He very quickly responded 'no' and walked right out of the pool.  Thank you MOTY.  I know you thought you were scaring him but really you were just helping us out.

As I type this I am out of diapers.  No a single one.  And it's raining.  Double damn.

I'm spent.  Hope you're good.  Or great. 

The Best part? You stuck around! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

a truck.

Like a Mack truck.  That's what ran me over.  And then backed up and did it again last night.

She woke up at 4:30.  Crying.  An hour later she was still crying.  I went in twice to comfort her.  Reassure her that she was fine and that I was there.  Didn't help.  More screaming.  60 agonizing minutes and I made a bottle.  She sucked down 6 ounces and is still asleep right now.  She didn't fuss when I put her down that time.  She went right to sleep.

I will not do that again.  My Mom and Dad (who were more concerned that I was torturing their granddaughter and calling her names) and others (Jill I'm looking at you) were right.  Here are my new revelations.

I talked a big game but it's not about self soothing.  The child was hungry.  And my decision to let her cry forced her to lose an hour of sleep and me to lose two hours (cause I laid in bed and felt awful for another hour).

She's still a baby.  Needs me.

She needs to eat more during the day.  Think I'll even start giving her some regular milk.

She fusses before naps and puts herself to sleep.  She fusses before bed and puts herself to sleep.  She can self soothe.

No one thing works for everyone. 

So I take it back.  She's not a manipulator.  She's hungry.  That's all. 

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go teach the dog to take care of the kids so I can go back to bed.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Manipulation Station

I just brewed my second cup.  I am tired.  Cause I have a manipulator.  She's to die for.  You could eat her.  Case and point.

This child.  She and her brother are the light of our lives.  We adore her.  She's fun.  Funny.  Precious.  And she does not sleep.

2:30 and 5 in the morning.  She was awake.  Crying.  I let her cry.  For what felt like an eternity last night.  Finally I gave in.  Fed her.  Prayed for her to sleep until 7.  Not so much.  5.  Another bottle. 

I know better.  I do.  I know that she doesn't need to eat in the middle of the night.  I would call it an ear infection.  Only I know better.  I would call it teething.  But I know better.  I would call it a growth spurt.  I may still call it that.  But most likely, it's manipulation.  She likes to eat in the middle of the night.  I understand that.  I would like it too.  Someone brings me some peanut butter m&m's at 3am, I'll eat them. 

It has to stop.  She's old enough.  More than old enough.  Her brother slept from 7-7 at 12 weeks.  11 months.  She's 11 months.  In my defense it hasn't always been this way, just the last few weeks.  And I am sucker for her.  And I want to savor every last ounce of her baby-ness.  And I don't want her to turn one.  So I am a sucker. 

It has to stop.  We need to sleep more than four hours at a time.  Need to.  Tonight will not be that night.  Tonight.  She cries.  I gave it 20 minutes last night which terrifies me for tonight. 

So Mamas.  I need a pep talk.  I need someone to remind me it's not torture.  I need someone to remind me how good sleep is.  And I need someone to come take my place tonight.  Cause I'm a sucker for her.

Ready, set, go. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I suck.

I know. I know. MIA. Really nothing that interesting going on. And I hate wasting people's time with something that is uninteresting or won't make them laugh. Therefore, I say nothing at all.

So I made this neato collage. Of stuff from this week. That's sand you see. You can keep your apples and pumpkins. We will drown our lack of seasons changing sorrows, beachside.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

O&R Sunday Styles

I wrote about September 11th over at Poop yesterday. Can't believe it's been 10 years.  Always kind of a somber day for me.  Guess it really is for everyone.  Hard not to have a heavy heart. 

We went to the pool yesterday. Cause it was 95. It might not be fall here but it is fall on my head. Bye bye blonde.

Please add a pressed cuban sandwich made by real Cubans to the list of reasons I run and should run more.  Oh and candy corn and peanuts. 

I had my first photo shoot yesterday with kids other than mine! And they liked the pictures! Or they are too nice to tell me otherwise! They are up on my Facebook page and my photo blog.

Cannon had his first soccer practice on Saturday. It was hilarious. Like a swarm of bees. Or trying to herd cats. Awesome. And it rained the whole time. And he loved it. Maybe next practice he will remember that picking up the ball and carrying it is not an option.  Truth.  I don't want him to fall in love with soccer unless he is going to be like World Cup good because I find it painfully boring and REALLY long.  And this is coming from a swimmer.  But for now.  At 3 years old.  It's awesome.

We've taken up skyping with our friends back 'home'.  And having a few drinks via the internet.  Maybe we don't have to make new real friends.

Hope everyone hugged their family today.  Hope everyone remembers how lucky we all are to live where we do.  Hope everyone remembers.  Always.  To steal a quote from a friend's facebook status.  And then paraphrase it for my purposes.  Remember the power of love.  And the cost of hate.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

...just a Mom.

Three years ago today I became a Mom.  I capitalize Mom because it is my title.  My name to two humans that I grew.  I am Mom.  And I have never held a more important title.  

Three years ago today, when I became Mom, I was a working Mom.  I took the full 12 (fine, I managed to get 14) weeks and then I went back to work.  As a reporter.  A television news reporter.  I was the one in the snow, in the ghetto, at the fire, on the scene.  And it was how I identified myself.  'I'm a reporter', I would say.  I was proud of it.  Cause even though I knew it was a dirty, less than glamorous, work your ass off for no money job, to the people at home, it's high profile and fancy. 

I am just a Mom.

When we moved in July I left that job.  And although I have a killer resume tape to pass out, I haven't.  Sure. I can make excuses and talk about figuring out childcare not knowing the area, not wanting to work mornings, overnights, holidays and weekends.  The truth is, it is not what I want to do right now.  At all.

I am just a Mom.

When we told people we were moving they would ask if I was going to get a job down here.  I would say, "I'm going to stay home and be the glue for our family for a little while" or "I am going to make sure our family gets settled and moved in before I look for a job".  Or "I have no idea how I could work and get everything done that needs to be done for my family right now". 

I am just a Mom.

I couldn't just say 'no'.  No.  I am not going to work.  I am going to stay home with my kids.  I am going to be a Mom.  Just a Mom.  I couldn't say it because it was a new way of identifying myself.  A way I wasn't used to.  A way that I am unfamiliar with.  Most of my best friends are Moms.  Just Moms.  Fabulous Moms.  And I just wasn't ready to say that.  I don't know if it was my ego.  Or letting go.  Probably the ego.  Because what would they think? I spend my days wiping asses.  Cleaning food off the floor.  Sure, I could say I am working on becoming a photographer (with a lowercase 'p') but that's not my reality yet. 
The word just is truly a four letter one.  Oprah herself has made no secret about the fact that this is by far the hardest job in the world.  And we all know how I feel about Oprah. 

So let's talk about just. 

I am just the person who makes sure two small humans get fed, rest, are clean, and healthy on a daily basis.

I am just the person who is working to create two people who are kind.  Compassionate.  Caring.  Passionate.  Curious.  Inquisitive.  Interesting.  Funny.  And who most importantly make the world a better place.

I am just a Mom.

I am a Mom. 

I am his Mom.  And I have never been happier to spend a day celebrating him.  With a wagon ride to the playground.  And talks about alligators, lizards, cars, and running fast.  With a game of red light green light all the way home.  With swimming. Cake.  Balloons.  Presents.

Today I am soaking in every single second of being just a Mom.  And I am eliminating the word just from my answer from now on.  Or I am adding the words 'themostfabulouscaringlovinghardworkingsexyamazing' before just. I am a Mom.  I am the head of this household.  And my heart is full. 

And so tonight.  We will celebrate our little boy.  Maybe even toast to him with some champagne we have been saving for such an occasion.  Celebrate the one who made us parents.  Celebrate his curiosity, his passion, his energy, and all of him.

Happy birthday Cannon Rhys. Thanks for making me just themostfabulousamazinghardworkingsexyamazing Mom around.

Today.  He is the Best part.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

O&R cardboard abounds

Well lookie here. I am here. And. Every box is unpacked. In one week. I will let you have a moment to applaud our efforts. There is a car in the garage and there would be two if the garbage men had come on Labor day. They didn't.

There is a pile to the ceiling of broken down boxes for the moving company to come get. It works nicely in the room I have no furniture for.

We feel settled. Close to normal. It feels amazing.

The dog apparently didn't get the memo that we moved to Florida 7 weeks ago. The shedding is epic.

On Thursday I will have a three year old. I keep telling him that he needs to act like one. And as soon as I say it I remember, he is acting like one.

Know what sucks about preschool on Monday and Wednesday? Labor day.

Have I mentioned never taking your basement for granted? Cause that wok you use once a year? The wreath (or reef if you prefer) you pull out in the spring? The giant workout ball you never use? Well. If you didn't have a basement....

Normally I would have scarecrows out and a fall wreath. I am going to miss the change of seasons. Cause if we open our windows we might die. But I will burn harvest scented candles and pretend. I will not feel the same way in February. So I rest easy with the a/c on.

Bought patio cushions on sale. Had to go to six different Walmarts to find them all. Totally worth it.

On a different Walmart trip saw a woman walking around in her bathing suit. No pants. Cause it's Florida?

I have a photo shoot on Saturday! A teeny tiny baby shoot! Yay!

There are projects to be done, painting to tackle, and furniture to shop for... But life is good. We are good. Hope you are too!

Happy fall y'all!

The Best part? Settled. We are settled.