Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We are so here.

My aching body. My full, happy heart. I am so happy. So freaking happy. We are home. Our stuff is here. Piled to the ceiling. My heart is so happy. I am in love.

The first box I opened had a picture one of our closest gave us. Happier heart.

The next box had half toys half Christmas decorations.

The guys who unloaded our stuff worked their asses off. And they have to do it every single day.

It poured almost all day. Didn't care. It was like Christmas for my kids.

None of the China is broken.

I have no idea how we crammed all this shit in our old house. No idea.

The were two boxes labeled 'reef'. What was inside had nothing to do with coral or pot, rather Christmas. Reef.

The garage. There may not ever be cars in there. Ever. Do not ever take a basement for granted.

This morning I heard my husband showering in the kids bathroom.  Walked in.  Yep.  Just as I thought.  No curtain.  No hot water in the master shower.  Working on that.  I too showered today in there.  Without a curtain.  Then I found a curtain.  An hour later I found the curtain rings.  Cause why would you pack the rings with the curtain they came off of?  Clearly it makes more sense to pack the rings with my purses.

I busted my ass unpacking today and organizing and cleaning.  Yet it looks pretty much the same as it did before I started. 

Our new dryer is amazing.  It's not new.  It was here.  But either our old dryer sucked ass or this one has super powers.  Drying four pool towels and 6 hand towels in 45 minutes.  You rock.  Rock on.

It is so quiet.  Like SO quiet.  Maybe it's the fact that we came from an apartment sandwiched between an elephant and a tap dancer.  But the silence last night.  Amazing.

I took down the curtains today.  They were covered in cat hair.  Ew.  Not a cat person.  Was going to maybe consider having them dry cleaned and putting them back up.  But.  There were four curtains.  Each with 20 ties.  Tied onto rings that didn't come off the rod.  Oh and they're more than 8 feet off the ground.  So I untied eight loops.  Then I got out the scissors.  Oops.

Any idea where movers would pack finials?  If they weren't packed with the lamps they belong to? 

I thought I got rid of a bunch of stuff before we moved.  Should have gotten rid of more.  I mean.  Last years Christmas card surplus?  Ours.  Not other people's. 

But.  We are here.  Neighbors have left notes.  Sent emails.  It's already terrific. 

That's the Best part.


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

We have moved twice for my husbands company and both times the movers have been terrific BUTTTTT...They can't spell and put things in the weirdest boxes. Also you will drown in the amount of paper they wrap things in. I mean I literally unwrapped a pen that was in 15 full sheets of packing paper! Here is the thing though. I am so glad that I didn't have to pack that I don't care.