Wednesday, August 10, 2011

True story.

Catch up on the post below before you read this one.

It just got better.

We sent our cancellation.

The listing agent on the house called our realtor and suggested that if were already bringing 20% to the table, why couldn't we just bring the difference between the appraised cost and sale price? Um. Clearly you don't understand. We are not paying more than the appraised price.

She was also upset because they felt like we were only giving them one option. Um. We are. Sell it to us for the appraised price or we walk. One option.

Then. She suggested if we didn't have the cash that we could just ask our parents for the money. I'm sorry. What? I swear I would punch this woman in her delusional face if she was in front of me.

This house has gone from good, to questionable, to bad, to toxic and we are done.


Rebecca said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!

The nerve!

How bout this? Your client drop their price to MARKET price and put on their big girl panties and move on!


Britt said...

WOW. I thought the last post was bad! My parents went through something similar but on the opposite side. They live in a beach town and actually had one woman who came from Nantucket say to them, "Well, you really should just lower the price, you're on the 'bad' side of [town]". This was after she made an offer about 50k LESS than the asking price, and trust, my parents have a gorgeous house they put a ton of work into and are leaving a huge tv unit that is beautiful and a nice pool table. These people are jerks, consider it a dodged bullet. Your new home is out there, I promise!

Brandi said...

O.M.G! I cannot believe she said that to you all! Definitely deserved a slap in the face.