Saturday, August 13, 2011

TPM Photo Challenge

I have never done this.  I don't enter giveaways for homemade necklaces or onesies.  But I quite enjoy  The Paper Mama and totally dig her blog and her pictures and her style.  And what with my new photography adventure bound to start sometime, here goes nothing.  I thought I'd jump on her bandwagon cause I think it's a ride I will enjoy.  And learn from.  And some other bloggers I really like do this a lot.  So.

Eyes.  The challenge is eyes.  Please ignore the cracker in her hair.  The challenge isn't hair, it's eyes.

The Paper Mama

So. That was fun.  No?


The Lucky Mama said...

Beautiful Eyes & Beautiful Little Girl!

Ashley Paige said...

what a beautiful shot! i'm a new follower from Paper Mama! can't wait to catch up and read more! :)

Brandi @ Home Team Dreams said...

Beautiful blues! Pretty girl! :)

Jenny B. said...

beautiful photo!