Friday, August 26, 2011

There's no place like...

So. I have kept you waiting long enough. This afternoon, maybe at this very minute, we are signing the papers to close on our new house.

Twice I blogged about having a house, then I freaked out about an appraisal and a listing agent and called a house toxic. We are signing papers on that house this morning. So it has been untoxified.

I tend to get passionate. And hot headed and have tunnel vision. Sometimes it takes a day or two or a slap in the face to look at the big picture.

Let me explain. So the house appraised for less than the sale price. Not by much. Maybe 5%. But I was bent out of shape. I was angry that the sellers wouldn't budge to move the house. Angry at their ridiculous listing agent. And for the record, if I met her in a dark alley I would get at least one good shot in. Anyway. Who in the hell pays more for a house than it's worth? In this housing market? You'd have to be insane. Or suckers. Or both.


Or. You are a family. Who just moved 1000 miles away. And you found the perfect house. In the most perfectest neighborhood with an instant community and phenomenal schools and you just know it's right. And they have parities called 'flamingo mingles' and they have play groups and soccer and tennis and swimming for kids. And its safe. So safe. Play in the front yard safe.

It is home.

We met the sellers halfway. And in three short days a massive truck will pull up in front of our new house and we will begin putting our roots down.

You may shake your head and think our decision was ridiculous. And that's ok. You no longer have to hear me complain about the apartment. So just be thankful. And now, we can move on with real life. Get real life started. Use our own spoons. Sleep on our own sheets. Paint the walls. Move the furniture. Walk around naked. What?

So. Tonight we open a bottle of champagne we have been saving. For this very night. Or maybe for the first night we actually sleep there.

Anyway. There it is. The story you have been dying for. Happy weekend friends.

The Best part? Home. Sweet sweet home.


CaSandra said...


Looking forward to a pictre-post next week :)

CaSandra said...


Sorry - guess I'm just TOO excited to hear your exciting news!

Rebecca said...

I think that's great! I'm so glad you got your home!

Audrey said...

Def. pop the bottle tonight. You can get another for move-in day. Congrats!