Sunday, August 14, 2011

O/R weekend wrap

There's sand in my car.  And my diaper bag.  And the jogger.  And in the cracks.  It was a good weekend.

Am I the only one who fights off laughter when my toddler throws one of those kicking and screaming at the top of his lungs fits?  It's hard not to laugh.  For me at least.  So much energy coming from such a little body.

Also.  He only wants Daddy to read to him at night, get him out of his carseat, wipe his ass these days.  You won't hear me complaining.

What is wrong with strawberries in Florida?  Anyone?  They suck.

I got to see a real friend on Friday.  For just a few hours.  Doesn't matter. I needed that hug, that chatting, that happiness.  From someone who knows me.  Happy heart.

And.  My little boy.  Got to play.  With a friend.  His joy is evident.

We went to the beach this weekend.  Twice.  What?

There is a house update coming.  A good one.  Standby.

Saturday night after a dirty diaper I let a pretty bad diaper rash air out.  Only she ate sand that day.  And so.  From the kitchen.  A trail.  Of poop.  That no one noticed until she crawled all the way into the bedroom.  The apartment is not that big.  So. How was your Saturday night?  Shitty? 

I pretty regularly look at my husband and think, 'damn, I did good'.  Thought you should know.

I've got nothing else.  But big house update this week.  Maybe even tomorrow.  And I'm pretty sure you'll find me over at Poop Whisperer talking at boobs or poop or both.  So you have that to look forward to.

The Best part?  The poop on the carpet cause it's a rental.


Brandi said...

Sounds like an overall good weekend...poop included.

Love the beach pics!

Audrey said...

Shit happens! At least you had the beach...cause this Ohio River's shit! This girl needs the beach!