Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's ours!

Here is the outside of our new abode. Inside pictures to come in the form of before and afters. Cause there is work to be done.  It needs love.  No one has loved it in a while.  We do though. 

First up. The cat removal. Not live ones but the remnants of them. I am not a cat person. At all. Gross me out. So the deep cleaners came today and all things cat, dirt and grossness from old occupants is gone. Now we start fresh.  With our own dirt.

New appliances are already in. Makes a huge difference.

They served us margaritas at closing. Not kidding. Awesome.

We went to the pool on Saturday. In love. Feels like we're on vacation. And a luau on Saturday night. Again. In love.  Met some new neighbors.  Even went to an 'after party'.  There are a lot more fake boobs here in Tampa than in Kentucky.  When in Rome...

And in other news. Created a photography business Facebook page. You should probably like it.  Have a few things in the works and am starting a class in a couple weeks. 

Tomorrow.  Truck comes.  I have never missed the little stuff so much.  Can't wait.

That means tonight.  This very night.  Is the last night in the apartment.  Can I get a hell to the yeah?!?!?  The babysitter asked me when we got home last night if there were elephants living above us.  See.  Not just me.

Don't look for me for a while.  I'm knee deep in unpacking, organizing, and putting my family together.  Happy heart.

The Best part?  We are home. Finally.

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