Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Observations and Revelations. Two weeks in.

Today we have lived in Tampa as a family for two weeks. But 'lived' is a term I use loosely. See, you don't 'live' in a furnished apartment with almost none of your own stuff (save the Keurig, God love my husband for packing it in the van). You exist. By the end of the day you are literally crawling on top of each other and bedtime never comes soon enough.

A few numbers. I suck at math, FYI.
14 days here
17 houses seen
4 offers made
1 contract signed. Almost.
2 offers rejected.
3 head colds.
4 bottles of sunscreen.
0 sunburns.
1 trip the the beach.
28 times I almost killed the dog.
14 the number of days it took the dog to get smart and realize if he hangs out on the bed, the baby can't get to him to pull on his various appendages.
Lost count on the bottles of wine.

I really believe though, that with red wine and peanut butter m&m's I can do just about anything. Working hard not to run out of either. But at any given moment I could lose it.  Literally teetering on the edge of a colossal meltdown of epic proportions.

The people above us now have a pony and a chainsaw. Although, as a Facebook friend pointed out, they could be bagpiping cloggers.

I have taken to using the Bob to haul in groceries. It's quite the workhorse. Even used it at the beach. There's a baby in there somewhere.

I am getting my hair done on Saturday. It is long overdue. It's also the first time I will pay for a cut and color since 2002. The only thing about television I miss, free hair dos.

I joined Google+.  No idea why.

I am going to do it. I am soaking in information, chatting people up, offering to take pictures of anyone and anything for free. I am gonna do it. The Best part photography is coming. Mark my words.  Stay tuned.

Also in exciting news. I am now a regular contributor at over here at The Poop Whisperer!. Super excited to write with these ladies! First post coming soon on flying with your kids without any help.

The Best part?  I haven't teetered on the edge every day.  Just some days.

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Brandi said...

Lol! You never fail to make me laugh Corey!

A pony and a chainsaw? Sounds like these neighbors aren't letting up any. I must say that I love the idea of bagpipping cloggers!! Sounds like a funny movie title or something.

Hang in there!