Monday, July 18, 2011

O&R Five days in.

We looked at 13 houses in two days. With two small children. This is not for the faint of heart. Or the sober.

We saw the water. Twice.

Apartment living with two children and a dog is also not for the sober. The 3am upstairs stomping warranted a nasty email to management. We'll probably get one back for the baby screaming at 7am. Oh well.

I miss my friends. Sundays are not the same.

There are large brown bugs here. The husband calls them 'palmetto bugs'. Fancy. I call them roaches.

Made an offer on a house we like in an area we love. Offered about 50k less than asking price (has anyone read the papers? This is a buyers market) and they came down 2k. That's almost like bargaining. Something makes me think this one might not work out. On to the next one.

We did see two houses I love. But I am just not sure about the neighborhood. Kinda far. Off the beaten path. And I know no one.

I talked a big game about taking pictures and shaming home sellers. But then I went house hunting with two children. In Florida. I took pictures at the first house. Foggy lensed blurry pictures. Then I quit and just tried to remember which house was which. And which direction was up.

So. It's not that hot here. Like high of 90. In the Midwest it's like 105. Y'all should move to Florida. It's humid. And when you are in the sun it feels like you are sitting on the surface of it but it's not that hot.

Oh and we swim. A lot. Cause we can. And cause it's fun. And cause it wears the kids out. We are perfecting our circus act.

The Best part? I have thus far, managed to stave off any colossal breakdowns with some deep breaths, a run, and some wine. Sometimes in that order sometimes not.

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