Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Groove Thang

A post on a best's blog got me thinking. About things. About my thing. She gave me the most wonderful compliment calling me an 'amazing mom'. Not sure there is a better compliment. But it got me thinking about my thing.

I don't think I have a thing. I mean yeah, I am a Mom. An amazing one, her words, not mine. I am a wife. A daughter. A friend. A sister. A blogger.

My thing used to be television. I worked in television. That was my thing. And I did my thing. And I did it well. And it may still be my thing. But I am closeting it for a while to see if I can find another thing. To explore new things. To see what things may present themselves.

See this Tampa thing, is an opportunity for me too. To find another thing, maybe. To learn something else about myself.

Whenever a professional photographer (or just one better than I am) takes pictures of my kids and I see them, I get tears in my eyes. Maybe it's cause I am obsessed with my kids. Or maybe it's seeing your kids through a different eye. I want to capture those moments for other people. I think. That could be my thing. I know it's not using my current skill set. Or really even my degree. But I think I could be good at it. And what better time to learn, grow, improve and maybe even embark on a new adventure, than my 30th year in a new city, with a new beginning.

If you are a real photographer you may be laughing at me. And that's ok. I may find myself in way over my head. Or I may find my groove. My moxy. My thing. You know what? I will never know unless I give it a shot. Or at least consider giving it a shot.

The good news is that I will never forget how to talk. Or how to look pretty. Or how to write. So I can always go back to that TV thing.

And before I find a new thing, I need to find a new house.

The Best part? That best who got me thinking about my thing? I think she's phenomenal at everyTHING she does.

What's your thing? Ever thought about it?

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