Thursday, June 30, 2011

An update.

Didn't close on the house today like we were supposed to. Rescheduled for Tuesday if I don't kill our realtor first. I would fire her if I could right now. Anyway.

Less than two weeks until we are wheels up to Tampa. Kind of surreal. Cause we have known for a while and it has always felt like a ways away (that's a Midwestern phrase, isn't it?). Now it's knocking on our soon to be sold front door. I am ready. Sad but ready. Hardest part will be leaving friends. But not the friendships. We will keep those. And leaving the kids school. They love our kids hard. So grateful for that and for them.

Flying with the kids solo again tomorrow. Can't be as bad as last time. Surely it can't. You hear that Delta? I will not miss Delta when we move.

I am so looking forward to family time and cold drinks and swimming and relaxing and golf cart rides and good food and even better company.

Hope your holiday weekend plans include watermelon and beer and family and food and maybe even a body of water!

The Best part? We see Daddy tomorrow!

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