Thursday, June 23, 2011


A sweater.

Your favorite chewing gum.

Red shoes.

Fancy earrings.


For no reason. That's a sussy.

It's a term my mom taught me years and years ago. I have been given many a sussies in my day. And now I give them too. I think she learned it from a college roommates mom. If I am not mistaken that roommate was named Doodle Puckett. Can't make this stuff up.


Have you ever gotten a gift when you weren't expecting one? Like not for Christmas or for your birthday or mothers day. Just because. Best feeling. You know you are loved. That someone is thinking about you.

Enter one of my bests Meggie. And her friend Pete the Planner.. Don't know Pete but if he's good in her book, he's good in mine. Their new project. The Sussy Project.

Is there a better way to spread kindness? Pay it forward? Spread smiles? Love it. Rock on.

Check them out. Nominate someone. Or the next time you are out and about pick up a sussy for someone. Just because.

What's not to like?

The Best part? Spreading sussy love.

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