Monday, June 13, 2011

Potty Training: week one

To be clear, this is not advice. This is merely what is working (read: we are still in the process) for us. I didn't read any books. I asked for advice and opinions. I took what I liked and left the rest (probably why I have an almost eight month old who NEEDS to eat at 5am despite thighs that clearly indicate otherwise cause I don't listen to all the advice).

For the last six months or so there have been occassional pees on the potty. But he would never stop what he was doing to go potty (except to hide in the corner squatting with a red face). Last Sunday we were at a festival and one of his friends (a girl cause all of his friends are girls cause no one I know has any 'y' chromosomes) had to go potty so he went with her and her mom, my friend Julie. I gave Julie a fresh diaper and told her he probably wouldn't go but just to throw a new diaper on him. Well. He went. In hindsight, I should have provided Julie with some 'boy potty guidance' (also a post to come about my amazing friends who step in a s mom or dad or husband to help us out these days). Anyway. He went when we came home too.

Since I am delusional and don't have enough going on, I decided that Monday morning we would ditch diapers and see how it went. I mean the house is basically sold so what's a few new stains? Everyone told me to just stay home the first few days. Well, that's not an option for us right now because there is no one else to go buy Buzz Lightyear underwear.

Day one there were a few accidents. Only pee though. Poops took place on the potty for the first two days. The third and fourth days they did not. Day 5, it was back on. The potty. On day five there was a stressful few minutes on the highway when he said he had to go. Finally got off and practically threw him on the portable potty I out in the back of the mini and he didn't go. One small accident yesterday but to be fair he was outside, in the little pool and had water poured on him. Hell, I peed watching it. And today? We were accident free. That's one week.

Now. To be honest and clear.

We are wearing diapers at night and during nap. Baby steps.

I have asked every five minutes for the last week, 'buddy, do you have to go potty?'.

And every time he goes in the bathroom I say, 'don't forget to put your penis down'. Not something I said before. But this is crucial if you have a boy. He can be sitting on the potty and pee all over the bathroom, or you if you are in front of him. Yes. We are sitting down to pee right now. Daddy is not home. We are peeing sitting down.

I was worried. I was nervous. I was afraid it would e super stressful. It hasn't been. It has been good. Dare I say relatively easy? Now. We have big transitions coming so I know there will be a few steps back.

My fold up padded potty seat came today. And now has a nice spot in my diaper bag.

I skipped the pull ups. I didn't see how letting him pee in a pull up was any different. I mean, yes, he can take them off but why not just go right to underwear? I go no problem throwing peed in clothes in the washing machine. Especially since it stays with the house.

Also. I have broken my 'no characters on clothing' philosophy. But it's underwear. You can't see it. But someday they will be striped boxer briefs. For now, it's Buzz, Woody, Mater, and Racer Queen.

So. There you go. Diaper free. Basically. Just like that.

The Best part? It's kind of like when I got a raise when he switched from formula to milk. Oh and I am no longer changing man poops.

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Jess said...

Gabe wore a diaper at night for over a year after he was potty trained. I was not gonna be doing sheets at 2am, and his little body just wasn't there yet.

And I totally taught him to pee sitting down. Why not? It was easier. And I'm all about some easier parenting. Good luck. Toilet stuff is the worst.