Thursday, June 16, 2011

Observations and Revelations

I can't take Cannon shopping with me until after June 24. Every end cap, every aisle, every cereal box is covered with CARS. Mater is all over the damn place and I am going to go broke.

Had lunch with a friend this week. Upon being seated, the hostess asked us if we would like a menu. Really. Oh and it was at Cheesecake Factory. Seen their menu? Fine, I got the same thing I always get but still.

Day after the inspection the dishwasher started making a noise. I do not hear anything.

Do you know what radon is? Moreover, do you know how expensive it is to fix it? And then the guy offers a more aesthetically pleasing (read: expensive) fix. I couldn't care less if they install an industrial sized fan and duct tape it to the back of the house.

We aren't going to close on time. Not our fault. Have to be a few speed bumps right? To remind you that nothing is perfect.

Did you know that in less than a month I can dig my toes in the sand whenever I want? Do you know how therapeutic I find that? I am sure it will lose its novelty but I hope it takes a really long time to wear off.

Almonds do not taste like wheat thins. No matter how hard I try.

I could barely swallow Greek yogurt 4 months ago. I could tolerate the kind with fruit on the bottom (which defeats the point... Has tons of sugar, negates the protein). Now. Give me some zero Greek yogurt, some fresh berries and a smidge of splenda and I am good. Like really good. You can say 'I told you so' Mom.

Summer tv sucks.

The baby barely naps at daycare. 45 minutes today. Total. And she still doesn't sleep all night. Yet, this child, looks like this, all the time.

Forgive the crappy iPad picture. She smiles. All the time. With her entire body. Cannon was smiley but not like this. She is sheer joy. All the time.

Don't know if you heard but I am going to have adult conversation this weekend. Not on the phone. And not with my girlfriends. And not with my second or third husband (yep. I have backups). With my actual husband.

I will leave you with this. We are paying a 16 year old who grew into his muscles way before he grew into his personality to mow the yard. So when Cannon is saying goodnight to Daddy tonight, he says 'Daddy, me please use your mower when I get bigger, please???'. Yep. Sure can. And you can use my dishwasher too buddy!!

The Best part? Don't even have to say it. Consider me checked out for the weekend.

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What are fresh betters?