Thursday, June 9, 2011

Observations and Revelations

I stopped following like a dozen blogs this week because I got tired of the constant giveaways. Give me entertaining, compelling, thought provoking. Don't give me a necklace. I don't want to follow you on twitter, Facebook or the sidewalk. Nor do I want to leave a comment about how awesome you are. I get it. It's a way to get followers. I am just not interested. And I get tired of pulling up my reader to those damn random number generators. So. Bye. If you get interesting again let me know.

And I am close to leaving those that constantly do product reviews. I get it. You got it for free. So you write about it. I have yet to read a negative product review on a blog where the product was free. Just saying.

Last night while I was eating dinner I cleaned poop out of underwear. So that was pretty awesome. But I will say in four days of wearing big boy pants we have had four accidents. I think that qualifies him for rockstar status. I am taking detailed notes for a post to follow about how we did it. It's too early for that though because its not 'done' yet.

I said bye to my OB without crying. Baby steps. I spent some quality time with her.

I cried. Like a baby for Meredith's final show. I cried when Katie left too. I will say I don't think she is the most talented anchor or reporter for the job but I have met Ann Curry and she is genuine and kind.

I am also mentally preparing for our house selling advice. But since we haven't done inspections or closing yet I am not going to jinx anything by blogging about it. But standby. Because we sold it in five days.

Halfway through the longest stretch without Daddy at home. I picked up dog poop last night. For the first time. Ever. The dog is five.

I know he's not in Afghanistan but I am pretty excited to take the kids to the airport and wait for Daddy. Maybe we will go tomorrow and set up camp. A week early. Got nothing else going on.

First of two inspections tomorrow. Cross your fingers, pray to whoever you pray to, please. Little things are fine. Big things? Not so much.

The Best part? One week from tomorrow.

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Rebecca said...

I have a couple of blogs I follow that I really like. Or liked because now they just do reviews or giveaways. Boo. Very disappointing.

Yeah for daddies coming home!