Monday, June 20, 2011

Judge away.

Fine. I admit it. I got judgy. When I had one baby. One baby who at 12 weeks started sleeping from 7-7 and never stopped. One baby who rarely got up in the middle of the night save a few teething episodes.

I got judgy when someone had an eight month old who still got up at night. An eight month old who wouldn't cry it out. I judged. What baby doesn't eventually fall asleep?

I got judgy when someone still got up to feed their old enough to sleep through the night baby at say eight months old.

Guess who is eight months old tomorrow?

Apparently it wasn't our stellar parenting skills that had Cannon sleeping through the night at 12 weeks. Damn.

Two hours of scream and sooth and cry it out and not falling asleep and Tylenol and orajel and mylicon and inconsolable baby. Two hours. Usually it's not that bad. Usually it's a passy at one and feeding at 4.

I took her to the doctor a week ago. For sure, she had an ear infection. She did not. Damn.

Because what goes around, comes around, judge away. I can not get this child to sleep through the night. Breast milk. Formula. Solids.

Praying that one of the biggest honking white teeth pops through those precious gums today.

The Best part? You would never know that she barely slept. This child, is always happy. Except in the middle of the night.

And before you start sending self soothing advice. She puts herself down for naps. And before you suggest I send the husband in instead, read the post before this one. And before you tell me I am doing something wrong, remember you'll get yours. Just like I am right now.


Brandi said...

You always make me laugh Corey! Trust me, I will not judge. No children yet but I trust everyone when they say that there are challenging times. Um, at least she's always happy! I know, "except in the middle of the night" but that's all I've got! lol :)

Rebecca said...

Corey, this for me was the hardest part of moving across the country without the husband. Even though Bobby never got up with me, it was so hard to get.up to feed the baby without his physical presence curled up comfortably in the bed. I would even call him in the wee hours just to complain. I'm petty like that.

I've had enough crow sandwiches to judge, so I won't. Both my two older kids were around a year old before they slept through the night. So I've been there!

Jen England said...

A-freakin-men. To all of it. We even went to the doctor for an "ear infection" that wasn't an ear infection. My kid started STTN at 9 1/2 months... And was such an angel during the day, I'm pretty sure EVERYONE thought I was lying about the nights. Even my mom, until she was here to witness it. :) Good luck... I hope it's new teeth! ;)

Lauren Stahl said...

I agree with Jen. Every baby is different. The girls slept through at 3 months, Tanner is almost 6 and still getsnup every 2-3 hours. I too took him to the dr. Today for an ear infection that she said is probably teething. Hang in there, this too shall pass! Does she wake up and want to play? Tanners thing is to wake at like 3 and wants to talk and smile at me for an hournor hour and half....good times