Sunday, June 26, 2011

Here I sit.

Debating. Wondering if I am losing it. If my instinct is telling me to do it because I hope they have ear infections.

That came out wrong.

I don't want my kids to be sick. I want them to be themselves.

Let's start with the one with more of a history of ear infections. The older one. We all know he's not a sleeper. But usually I can get him to 7. Not the last week. I am lucky if I get him to 6:30. I know it's only half an hour but if you were just up at 5 to feed the baby (and you were up with her at 3) and finally fell back asleep around 5:30 you get my point (on a side note did you know if you miss the 'i' point autocorrect changes it to Pontiac? You get my Pontiac). He did sleep until 7 this morning but he woke up sweating and telling me he was freezing. Same thing after his nap. And the whining today has been unreal. Constant. And tears. I don't have a whiney, mopey, crying child. If I ask I'm if his ears hurt he says yes. Of course he says yes. If I ask him if something hurts he says no. So in summary. He's not quite himself, whiney and fevery when he wakes up.

The younger one now. She hates sleep. Ok fine, she took two good naps today. But she should have because she was up from 2:30-3:30 in the morning. Oh yeah, and so was I. She constantly plays with her ears. Constantly. But she is getting her second bottom tooth. No fevers from her but the misery in the middle of the night is a telltale sign. It was a telltale sign two weeks ago too. Remember? When she didn't have an ear infection.

Here's the thing. This is the week that has the potential to send me over the edge. Final inspection only 48 hours before closing and the pressure to get everything on that inspection taken care of before closing coupled with a day trip two hours away tomorrow and flying with the kids by myself on Friday may just drive me to drink.

So the question. Do I call first thing in the morning and make appointments for when we get back in town? Or wait. And then in the middle of the night tomorrow night ask the same questions. If I make the appointment they are going to ask things like 'have they been congested?' and I am going to answer 'nope'. And they are going to say 'why do you think they have ear infections?' and I am going to say, 'cause I am their mom and whatever I am doing isn't working so clearly something must be wrong so just send in our doctor and have him look in their damn ears so I can either fill a prescription and do a dance of joy or I can be reminded that they are kids and kids go through phases.' Some longer than others.

During a break in writing this I put the kids to bed and Cannon told me a noise hurt his ear. The same ear he pointed to earlier when I asked him if they hurt.

What if I bought one of those ear looker in things and googled what an ear infection looks like. The only problem is I couldn't do the 'check for ear infection hold' (you know, arm across their body holding down the arms and the other one pressing their head to your chest) and look in the ears. Good concept.

So. What would you do? Cause half of me thinks they are sick. The other half of me says I need to suck it up and deal with the ebbs and flows as they come and go. Chalk it up to stress.

The Best part? I have that hold down to a science. And isn't this what health insurance is for?

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Lauren Stahl said...

I would say Cannon probably does have an ear infection. Fever and saying his ear hurts and not sleeping, probably are indications that he does. E on the hand probably is teething. I took tanner in last week and said the same thing you did, please tell me he still has his ear infection, because he had had one previously, but nope, his ears were now clear. For the past week he has still been pulling on that ear and not himself...teething as well I am pretty sure. I wish the damned tooth would pop out already. As for the ear checker thing, they are great for bigger kids, not babies, their ears are too small, so you could probably use one on cannon and just make it a game check one of his animals ears first or have him lay in his lap. Look inside and if you see red it is infected. I hope you get some sleep and good luck!