Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fried Green Tomatoes

I probably should have stopped at two of these bad boys. But I didn't. Wasn't driving. Worth the slight headache.

Spent three hours last night with three of the ones I will miss the most. Pajama friends. All dressed up.

And even a guest appearance by this one. The college friend who you never see but always know exactly what is going on, how things are and where you can find her if you need her. Gonna miss that too.

No one wanted to hear about my worries about packing for the beach. I am not sure why.

Maybe one day when I grow up I can drink one that looks like this.

Probably not.

It was wonderful. You're not rid of me yet. But if we could do that every night until I leave, I would. I would even drive one night. Maybe two.

Oh, and I am currently working out a plan for our babysitter and her husband to relocate with us. I am not sure I can leave her.

The Best part? All of it.

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