Sunday, June 19, 2011

2 weeks this time.

This guy.

Was home. For 48 hours. It was magnificent. We miss him. Terribly. We went to the airport way early to welcome him home. And left him there today. There were tears. From a little boy who misses his Daddy.

Did you know a two year old can blow a secret? I didn't. First thing he told Daddy on Friday was, 'we got you new running shoes daddy!'. Super. Not that the wrapped rectangular box on top of the fridge wasn't a dead giveaway for something he had asked for.

They played. Endlessly. Chased. Threw balls. And raced cars. Boy things. Things Daddy is better at than Mommy. They went to the potty three times during a 90 minute meal out. They went on adventures. Read books. Soaked up the time.

And so did I. We drank one too many bottles of wine. Sat out on the deck a few hours too late and laughed and planned and got excited about our new adventure. I had a headache Saturday morning. It was worth it.

I knew I married the man of my dreams. Have always known that. It's a bonus that he is an amazing father to our kids. If Cannon is half the man his Daddy is he will be a success. I love him hard.

And here we go again. Staying busy. With an end in sight. It's good. It's all good.

The Best part? Just two weeks this time.

AND He took out the trash and picked up dog poop. Boo. Yah.

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