Thursday, June 30, 2011

An update.

Didn't close on the house today like we were supposed to. Rescheduled for Tuesday if I don't kill our realtor first. I would fire her if I could right now. Anyway.

Less than two weeks until we are wheels up to Tampa. Kind of surreal. Cause we have known for a while and it has always felt like a ways away (that's a Midwestern phrase, isn't it?). Now it's knocking on our soon to be sold front door. I am ready. Sad but ready. Hardest part will be leaving friends. But not the friendships. We will keep those. And leaving the kids school. They love our kids hard. So grateful for that and for them.

Flying with the kids solo again tomorrow. Can't be as bad as last time. Surely it can't. You hear that Delta? I will not miss Delta when we move.

I am so looking forward to family time and cold drinks and swimming and relaxing and golf cart rides and good food and even better company.

Hope your holiday weekend plans include watermelon and beer and family and food and maybe even a body of water!

The Best part? We see Daddy tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fried Green Tomatoes

I probably should have stopped at two of these bad boys. But I didn't. Wasn't driving. Worth the slight headache.

Spent three hours last night with three of the ones I will miss the most. Pajama friends. All dressed up.

And even a guest appearance by this one. The college friend who you never see but always know exactly what is going on, how things are and where you can find her if you need her. Gonna miss that too.

No one wanted to hear about my worries about packing for the beach. I am not sure why.

Maybe one day when I grow up I can drink one that looks like this.

Probably not.

It was wonderful. You're not rid of me yet. But if we could do that every night until I leave, I would. I would even drive one night. Maybe two.

Oh, and I am currently working out a plan for our babysitter and her husband to relocate with us. I am not sure I can leave her.

The Best part? All of it.

Monday, June 27, 2011


After over analyzing my ass off last night both kids, slept all night. Both. Ya hear that? Both.

Thanks for listening. Tip your waitress.

The Best part of this one goes without saying.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Here I sit.

Debating. Wondering if I am losing it. If my instinct is telling me to do it because I hope they have ear infections.

That came out wrong.

I don't want my kids to be sick. I want them to be themselves.

Let's start with the one with more of a history of ear infections. The older one. We all know he's not a sleeper. But usually I can get him to 7. Not the last week. I am lucky if I get him to 6:30. I know it's only half an hour but if you were just up at 5 to feed the baby (and you were up with her at 3) and finally fell back asleep around 5:30 you get my point (on a side note did you know if you miss the 'i' point autocorrect changes it to Pontiac? You get my Pontiac). He did sleep until 7 this morning but he woke up sweating and telling me he was freezing. Same thing after his nap. And the whining today has been unreal. Constant. And tears. I don't have a whiney, mopey, crying child. If I ask I'm if his ears hurt he says yes. Of course he says yes. If I ask him if something hurts he says no. So in summary. He's not quite himself, whiney and fevery when he wakes up.

The younger one now. She hates sleep. Ok fine, she took two good naps today. But she should have because she was up from 2:30-3:30 in the morning. Oh yeah, and so was I. She constantly plays with her ears. Constantly. But she is getting her second bottom tooth. No fevers from her but the misery in the middle of the night is a telltale sign. It was a telltale sign two weeks ago too. Remember? When she didn't have an ear infection.

Here's the thing. This is the week that has the potential to send me over the edge. Final inspection only 48 hours before closing and the pressure to get everything on that inspection taken care of before closing coupled with a day trip two hours away tomorrow and flying with the kids by myself on Friday may just drive me to drink.

So the question. Do I call first thing in the morning and make appointments for when we get back in town? Or wait. And then in the middle of the night tomorrow night ask the same questions. If I make the appointment they are going to ask things like 'have they been congested?' and I am going to answer 'nope'. And they are going to say 'why do you think they have ear infections?' and I am going to say, 'cause I am their mom and whatever I am doing isn't working so clearly something must be wrong so just send in our doctor and have him look in their damn ears so I can either fill a prescription and do a dance of joy or I can be reminded that they are kids and kids go through phases.' Some longer than others.

During a break in writing this I put the kids to bed and Cannon told me a noise hurt his ear. The same ear he pointed to earlier when I asked him if they hurt.

What if I bought one of those ear looker in things and googled what an ear infection looks like. The only problem is I couldn't do the 'check for ear infection hold' (you know, arm across their body holding down the arms and the other one pressing their head to your chest) and look in the ears. Good concept.

So. What would you do? Cause half of me thinks they are sick. The other half of me says I need to suck it up and deal with the ebbs and flows as they come and go. Chalk it up to stress.

The Best part? I have that hold down to a science. And isn't this what health insurance is for?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Observations and Revelations

I am not a germaphobe. Far from it. I have put the baby down on the floor of an airport bathroom so I could put the toddler on the toilet. I probably don't push hand washing as much as I should. Germaphobe or not please tell me why you would buy an automatic hand soap dispenser a la Lysol. Marketed as a way to avoid touching the 'dirty hand soap pump'. You are getting soap to wash your hands. Just saying.

I think I have decided to take some photography classes once we are settled in FL. Really just decided. See, I need something. Just not quite sure what yet. So maybe, this is it. And if I could eventually make money doing it, that would be swell. I am not a salesperson so you won't find me pimping tupperware. And I love taking pictures. Mostly of my kids. I will get past that though. And I think my pictures are pretty good. But pretty sure others don't. At least not enough to pay me to take them. But maybe if I can capture moments of joy like this one with my own crew, I can do it with others. Or maybe I'll be selling Tupperware.

The longer I am away from TV the more I realize how it affected who I was. More on that later.

I have acquiesced to the baby. Dream feed is back. She's sleeping until about 5 now. The reasons are several but we are traveling a lot in the next couple weeks and then moving into an apartment. Where crying in the middle of the night isn't an option. But while teeth (yep, there's another one) are coming in and life transitions being made, the least I can do for her is try to stay on what she knows as a schedule. I know. Against everything most moms stand for and what I believed until I was here. In this position. Judge away. Judging myself.

Everyone keeps asking me if I have packed. I have not. The movers are packing. Should I be packing? Maybe just thinking about it. I am purging still. I have nightmares about opening boxes and saying 'what in the hell did I keep this crap for?'.

I am over autocorrect changing 'hell' to 'he'll'. When I mean HELL I mean HELL. Not HE WILL. I will add the apostrophe if I need it. Thanks.

Took Cannon to the grocery store today. The one with the little carts which he loves. Came home with CARS macaroni and cheese, CAR fruit snacks, and CARS cereal. Thank you Pixar and Disney.

I don't like beer. I can only drink beer at a hot baseball game. And it has to be what beer drinkers consider water. Ultra light super light. But tonight. I tried Shock Top Raspberry Wheat. Thank you. I think I'll have another.

Right now.

The Best part? Thinking about a new chapter. Even planning for it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


A sweater.

Your favorite chewing gum.

Red shoes.

Fancy earrings.


For no reason. That's a sussy.

It's a term my mom taught me years and years ago. I have been given many a sussies in my day. And now I give them too. I think she learned it from a college roommates mom. If I am not mistaken that roommate was named Doodle Puckett. Can't make this stuff up.


Have you ever gotten a gift when you weren't expecting one? Like not for Christmas or for your birthday or mothers day. Just because. Best feeling. You know you are loved. That someone is thinking about you.

Enter one of my bests Meggie. And her friend Pete the Planner.. Don't know Pete but if he's good in her book, he's good in mine. Their new project. The Sussy Project.

Is there a better way to spread kindness? Pay it forward? Spread smiles? Love it. Rock on.

Check them out. Nominate someone. Or the next time you are out and about pick up a sussy for someone. Just because.

What's not to like?

The Best part? Spreading sussy love.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's a tooth. A freaking tooth.

So this doesn't mean she is sleeping through the night. And who knows what's in store for tonight.

Last night I skipped my normal 10pm dream feed. It's time to stop that anyway and I wanted to go to bed. So she went to bed at 7 and got up at 3. That's 8 hours. And she wasn't screaming or fussing. She was hungry. She was up again at 5:45 and honestly? I could have given her a passy and let her fuss and put herself to sleep but I wanted to go back to sleep too. So I fed her again.

The tooth is almost through. It's the cause of the miserable night. She was just so uncomfortable. So. Once we get through this bad boy we will tackle the whole 'your thighs are the size of Texas, you probably don't need to eat in the middle of the night' issue.

Thought you'd like an update.

The Best part? I took a nap today. During a thunderstorm. Nothing better.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Judge away.

Fine. I admit it. I got judgy. When I had one baby. One baby who at 12 weeks started sleeping from 7-7 and never stopped. One baby who rarely got up in the middle of the night save a few teething episodes.

I got judgy when someone had an eight month old who still got up at night. An eight month old who wouldn't cry it out. I judged. What baby doesn't eventually fall asleep?

I got judgy when someone still got up to feed their old enough to sleep through the night baby at say eight months old.

Guess who is eight months old tomorrow?

Apparently it wasn't our stellar parenting skills that had Cannon sleeping through the night at 12 weeks. Damn.

Two hours of scream and sooth and cry it out and not falling asleep and Tylenol and orajel and mylicon and inconsolable baby. Two hours. Usually it's not that bad. Usually it's a passy at one and feeding at 4.

I took her to the doctor a week ago. For sure, she had an ear infection. She did not. Damn.

Because what goes around, comes around, judge away. I can not get this child to sleep through the night. Breast milk. Formula. Solids.

Praying that one of the biggest honking white teeth pops through those precious gums today.

The Best part? You would never know that she barely slept. This child, is always happy. Except in the middle of the night.

And before you start sending self soothing advice. She puts herself down for naps. And before you suggest I send the husband in instead, read the post before this one. And before you tell me I am doing something wrong, remember you'll get yours. Just like I am right now.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

2 weeks this time.

This guy.

Was home. For 48 hours. It was magnificent. We miss him. Terribly. We went to the airport way early to welcome him home. And left him there today. There were tears. From a little boy who misses his Daddy.

Did you know a two year old can blow a secret? I didn't. First thing he told Daddy on Friday was, 'we got you new running shoes daddy!'. Super. Not that the wrapped rectangular box on top of the fridge wasn't a dead giveaway for something he had asked for.

They played. Endlessly. Chased. Threw balls. And raced cars. Boy things. Things Daddy is better at than Mommy. They went to the potty three times during a 90 minute meal out. They went on adventures. Read books. Soaked up the time.

And so did I. We drank one too many bottles of wine. Sat out on the deck a few hours too late and laughed and planned and got excited about our new adventure. I had a headache Saturday morning. It was worth it.

I knew I married the man of my dreams. Have always known that. It's a bonus that he is an amazing father to our kids. If Cannon is half the man his Daddy is he will be a success. I love him hard.

And here we go again. Staying busy. With an end in sight. It's good. It's all good.

The Best part? Just two weeks this time.

AND He took out the trash and picked up dog poop. Boo. Yah.


We call him Doobie. It's a long story. One that has nothing to do with pot and everything to do with Romper Room. A show I have never seen. Anyway.

He wears Crocs. Orange ones. He is kind. And funny. And thinks before he speaks. He would take a concert and draft beer any day over a black tie affair.

He is the best Dad a girl could ask for. Always has been. And who knew he would be such an amazing grandfather? He is. We love him hard. And are hugging him from here today.

Love you Doobie. Happy Fathers day!

The Best part? A day to celebrate the two most amazing men in my life. More to come on the other one after we put him on a plane. Time to make pancakes. :). Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Observations and Revelations

I can't take Cannon shopping with me until after June 24. Every end cap, every aisle, every cereal box is covered with CARS. Mater is all over the damn place and I am going to go broke.

Had lunch with a friend this week. Upon being seated, the hostess asked us if we would like a menu. Really. Oh and it was at Cheesecake Factory. Seen their menu? Fine, I got the same thing I always get but still.

Day after the inspection the dishwasher started making a noise. I do not hear anything.

Do you know what radon is? Moreover, do you know how expensive it is to fix it? And then the guy offers a more aesthetically pleasing (read: expensive) fix. I couldn't care less if they install an industrial sized fan and duct tape it to the back of the house.

We aren't going to close on time. Not our fault. Have to be a few speed bumps right? To remind you that nothing is perfect.

Did you know that in less than a month I can dig my toes in the sand whenever I want? Do you know how therapeutic I find that? I am sure it will lose its novelty but I hope it takes a really long time to wear off.

Almonds do not taste like wheat thins. No matter how hard I try.

I could barely swallow Greek yogurt 4 months ago. I could tolerate the kind with fruit on the bottom (which defeats the point... Has tons of sugar, negates the protein). Now. Give me some zero Greek yogurt, some fresh berries and a smidge of splenda and I am good. Like really good. You can say 'I told you so' Mom.

Summer tv sucks.

The baby barely naps at daycare. 45 minutes today. Total. And she still doesn't sleep all night. Yet, this child, looks like this, all the time.

Forgive the crappy iPad picture. She smiles. All the time. With her entire body. Cannon was smiley but not like this. She is sheer joy. All the time.

Don't know if you heard but I am going to have adult conversation this weekend. Not on the phone. And not with my girlfriends. And not with my second or third husband (yep. I have backups). With my actual husband.

I will leave you with this. We are paying a 16 year old who grew into his muscles way before he grew into his personality to mow the yard. So when Cannon is saying goodnight to Daddy tonight, he says 'Daddy, me please use your mower when I get bigger, please???'. Yep. Sure can. And you can use my dishwasher too buddy!!

The Best part? Don't even have to say it. Consider me checked out for the weekend.

Find Lauren

I am not good at tracking my analytics or my stats. But I do know I have readers in lots of states. States where this story might not be getting the coverage it's getting in the Midwest.

So. Spread the word. Tell your friends. Blog about it. I have covered so many of these stories that end tragically. Let's help this one have a happy ending.

Lauren Spierer is a 20 year old student at Indiana University who has been missing nearly two weeks. She is 4' 11" and 95 pounds.

Go to the website.

Become a fan of the facebook page.

Tell your friends. Tell your mom (moms talk). Tell your grocery store clerk. Blog about it. Tweet about it.

Do what you can. Cause it's the right thing to do.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Almost there...

Have you ever been away from your husband for three weeks? I mean short of them being in the military (Thank you!) I can't imagine that many people are away from their spouse for longer than a work week or so. Hell, I hadn't been. Until now.

So. What have I learned? Here goes.

You can go an entire day without showering and not realize it. Sure I have gone a day without showering but usually it's a conscious decision. The last three weeks it's been 10 at night when I realize and at that point, what's the point? To be clear this isn't a daily occurrence. I do shower.

There is no point, absolutely no point in cooking a meal. If you have children like mine who only eat kid food. Buy some lettuce, some chicken, some feta and some balsamic vinaigrette and call it dinner. For a week.

Bed is lonely.

There is little to no reason for makeup unless you are escaping for a lunch or dinner out.

Same goes for shaving your legs.

Every time you swear you will nap at nap time, one of your children will mess up that plan.

Every night when you go to bed praying to sleep a solid six without being awakened you will be.

You will take on major challenges like potty training just to stay busy, on your toes, and accomplish things.

Sometimes you will ok pretzels for breakfast. Against your better judgement.

If your time away is during summer television, find a hobby. Virtual house hunting is mine.

If you buy Trader Joe's little delish cookies, you will eat them. At night. When you shouldn't.

You can stop buying in bulk. Don't stop buying wine.

You have more patience than you knew.

Honestly, the worst part hasn't been the toddler or the getting up in the middle of the night or the potty training or the constant kiddo entertaining. I have surprised myself actually. I haven't lost my temper, have found a rhythm. Everyone is fed, entertained and clean (except for me...) and happy.

The worst part is missing who makes us whole. Trying to explain to a toddler how long a week is. The worst part is that my best friend is a thousand miles away. And I am better because of him. So being away from him is hard.

But this is temporary. He isn't in Afghanistan. He's in Florida. And soon we will be too.

Those of you who do this on your own, every day, here's to you. You are stronger than anyone knows. You deserve a drink. And a break.

The Best part? I could have been showing the house once a day for the last three weeks. Now if I can get through closing without making our realtor cry we will be sitting pretty.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Potty Training: week one

To be clear, this is not advice. This is merely what is working (read: we are still in the process) for us. I didn't read any books. I asked for advice and opinions. I took what I liked and left the rest (probably why I have an almost eight month old who NEEDS to eat at 5am despite thighs that clearly indicate otherwise cause I don't listen to all the advice).

For the last six months or so there have been occassional pees on the potty. But he would never stop what he was doing to go potty (except to hide in the corner squatting with a red face). Last Sunday we were at a festival and one of his friends (a girl cause all of his friends are girls cause no one I know has any 'y' chromosomes) had to go potty so he went with her and her mom, my friend Julie. I gave Julie a fresh diaper and told her he probably wouldn't go but just to throw a new diaper on him. Well. He went. In hindsight, I should have provided Julie with some 'boy potty guidance' (also a post to come about my amazing friends who step in a s mom or dad or husband to help us out these days). Anyway. He went when we came home too.

Since I am delusional and don't have enough going on, I decided that Monday morning we would ditch diapers and see how it went. I mean the house is basically sold so what's a few new stains? Everyone told me to just stay home the first few days. Well, that's not an option for us right now because there is no one else to go buy Buzz Lightyear underwear.

Day one there were a few accidents. Only pee though. Poops took place on the potty for the first two days. The third and fourth days they did not. Day 5, it was back on. The potty. On day five there was a stressful few minutes on the highway when he said he had to go. Finally got off and practically threw him on the portable potty I out in the back of the mini and he didn't go. One small accident yesterday but to be fair he was outside, in the little pool and had water poured on him. Hell, I peed watching it. And today? We were accident free. That's one week.

Now. To be honest and clear.

We are wearing diapers at night and during nap. Baby steps.

I have asked every five minutes for the last week, 'buddy, do you have to go potty?'.

And every time he goes in the bathroom I say, 'don't forget to put your penis down'. Not something I said before. But this is crucial if you have a boy. He can be sitting on the potty and pee all over the bathroom, or you if you are in front of him. Yes. We are sitting down to pee right now. Daddy is not home. We are peeing sitting down.

I was worried. I was nervous. I was afraid it would e super stressful. It hasn't been. It has been good. Dare I say relatively easy? Now. We have big transitions coming so I know there will be a few steps back.

My fold up padded potty seat came today. And now has a nice spot in my diaper bag.

I skipped the pull ups. I didn't see how letting him pee in a pull up was any different. I mean, yes, he can take them off but why not just go right to underwear? I go no problem throwing peed in clothes in the washing machine. Especially since it stays with the house.

Also. I have broken my 'no characters on clothing' philosophy. But it's underwear. You can't see it. But someday they will be striped boxer briefs. For now, it's Buzz, Woody, Mater, and Racer Queen.

So. There you go. Diaper free. Basically. Just like that.

The Best part? It's kind of like when I got a raise when he switched from formula to milk. Oh and I am no longer changing man poops.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Observations and Revelations

I stopped following like a dozen blogs this week because I got tired of the constant giveaways. Give me entertaining, compelling, thought provoking. Don't give me a necklace. I don't want to follow you on twitter, Facebook or the sidewalk. Nor do I want to leave a comment about how awesome you are. I get it. It's a way to get followers. I am just not interested. And I get tired of pulling up my reader to those damn random number generators. So. Bye. If you get interesting again let me know.

And I am close to leaving those that constantly do product reviews. I get it. You got it for free. So you write about it. I have yet to read a negative product review on a blog where the product was free. Just saying.

Last night while I was eating dinner I cleaned poop out of underwear. So that was pretty awesome. But I will say in four days of wearing big boy pants we have had four accidents. I think that qualifies him for rockstar status. I am taking detailed notes for a post to follow about how we did it. It's too early for that though because its not 'done' yet.

I said bye to my OB without crying. Baby steps. I spent some quality time with her.

I cried. Like a baby for Meredith's final show. I cried when Katie left too. I will say I don't think she is the most talented anchor or reporter for the job but I have met Ann Curry and she is genuine and kind.

I am also mentally preparing for our house selling advice. But since we haven't done inspections or closing yet I am not going to jinx anything by blogging about it. But standby. Because we sold it in five days.

Halfway through the longest stretch without Daddy at home. I picked up dog poop last night. For the first time. Ever. The dog is five.

I know he's not in Afghanistan but I am pretty excited to take the kids to the airport and wait for Daddy. Maybe we will go tomorrow and set up camp. A week early. Got nothing else going on.

First of two inspections tomorrow. Cross your fingers, pray to whoever you pray to, please. Little things are fine. Big things? Not so much.

The Best part? One week from tomorrow.

Monday, June 6, 2011

By the numbers

5,482: the number of times I said today, 'buddy, do you have to go potty?'
2: the number of 'number 2's' that took place on the potty
0: the number of 'number 2's' that ended up in the big boy pants
6: the number of pees on the potty
3: number of pees on the floor
5: pairs of big boy underpants gone through in one day
$18: spent on new big boy pants because Buzz Lightyear gives you the power to go on the potty
3: glasses of wine for yours truly tonight

This is a great start.

The Best part? This is how he spent the day. Or most of it. Eat your heart out ladies.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Here we go again on our own...

We collapse into bed (to be clear, DIFFERENT beds. I can barely stand the dog in the room much less a child or two) at night. Everyone is exhausted.

This is my plan. And so far, so good.

I have a close friend whose husband is a pilot. She is constantly scheduled. A morning activity and an afternoon activity. I didn't get it. Don't you just want to hang out and watch TV? I get it now.

Parades. Pool. Zoo. Festivals. Barbecues. Play dates. Soaking up and savoring time with those we hold closest. This is what we are doing.

It's the best way I can figure to pass the time while Daddy is starting a new job and I am a single parent to two kids. It is exhausting. But we are handling it. We miss him. Badly. And not just cause I took the trash out today for the first time in years. And cause I will have to pick up dog poop this week.

We miss him. He makes us complete. And he misses us. So we are staying busy. Him at work, us at play.

And also? I may have gone mental. There are big boy underpants being worn in the house today. Like diving in head first. Someone talk me out of it. Cause when I get busy, I get really busy. And I want it. I invite it. Bring it. So I will test my parenting skills even further.

By the end of the day we will either be back in diapers or mildly excited for baby steps (he does go to school the next 3 days so they can deal with it for a few days). Either way the wine tonight? Will be cold.

The Best part? Little boy butt in big boy underpants.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just like that.

To quote Oprah's prodigy... Mister Nate Berkus. 'Your home should tell the story of who you are and more importantly who you want to become. It should rise up to greet you each and every day.'

The house was listed Friday night. It took five days. We are under contract. Did you hear that? WE ARE UNDER CONTRACT!!!


My head is spinning. I don't really know where to start.

It was meant to be.

I am so grateful. So thankful. Feel so blessed. In this economy, in this housing market, to sell a house that fast, not lose our asses, and to get to move on. It's priceless. I am thanking all of those powers that be. You know, God, Buddha, John Smith, the Dali Lama....

It was meant to be.

We are supposed to be there. We are supposed to be in Tampa. If that wasn't clear before, it is now.

The people who are buying the house were the first ones to see it. They have three kids who they are foster and adoptive parents to. They love our house. I love that they love our house.

Cause this was our first house. Cause we put a lot of blood, sweat and tears in it. Cause we love it. Cause we brought our babies home from the hospital to this house. Cause it's home. Cause it's memories.

I want it to be filled with the love we fill it with. And it will be.

And more than that? We can be a family again, soon. Sooner rather than later.

The Best part? Blessed. Lucky. Pinching ourselves.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

OR week 3

Four days in. Five showings. I am amazed and so thankful that we are getting this kind of activity on our house. Fingers crossed. Rumor has it there is an offer in the works.

I am existing in a cleaner more sterile environment than I ever thought possible. It's amazing and refreshing and impossible to keep up beyond a house sale. I mean who vacuums everyday? Dirty laundry? Hidden in the washer. And today, I had a dishwasher of clean dishes and two dirty cups on the sink. Put them in the cabinet. At least they weren't in the sink. I also sent our realtor (who I love) a text to tell her not to call the fire department after a sippy lid fell on the heating element in the dishwasher. Smelled lovely for our nosey neighbor showing this morning.

I fell in love with my minivan the other day. Sure, I have always liked it. However, remained too cool for it. We loaded four kids into it with ease and headed to a parade. Then I nursed the baby in the way back in Target's parking lot while Curious George entertained the toddler. I sat in awe at it's cavernousness. It is awesome. I am too cool for the outside but the inside? Fits me just fine. Oh and during a showing I plugged the pump in and hung in the way back at the mall. Hello Mr. security Officer.

I shopped at a different grocery store today. Cause I could. Not that before I was required to shop at the largest retailer but since the hubs worked for them and they paid our bills, we shopped there. Plus they do save you money so you can live better. Plus we got a discount. Well. He no longer works there. Went to a different (read: nicer) grocer. Ordered my Boars Head in the deli order machine and picked it up on my way out. Got it home. The label says turkey but it is clearly ham. I hate ham. Lesson learned. Check the order before you leave.

I have promised park or pool or something outdoors after nap. Do you know how hot it is? I sat outside for 20 minutes yesterday before adding 'pool' into the top five priorities for our new abode. Not complaining about the heat. Just longing for a cooling off source.

I have to say I have an overwhelming sense of calm ever since leaving work. It was hard for five minutes and now? I feel good. At peace. At ease. Yes, things are a bit stressful but it's manageable. Zen. Very zen.

I am selling huge oriental rug in Craigslist that my parents dumped in our basement on one of their moves. It's huge. A house with no basement (a house in Florida) will have no room for it. A guy named Hassan is coming tomorrow. To ensure he is rug dealer and not a serial killer I will have backup on hand. I have gotten more requests for my birth date, address, phone number and SS# with this Craigslist sale than any others. The must be some real morons out there who fall for that stuff.

I got a new wallet. Its orange. Like a caution barrel. This way the next time it is left on the hood of my car and flies into traffic it won't get hit.

I haven't been running as much as I was. Just a few times a week. Sometimes outside, sometimes in. You know how people who run say that once you run outside you will never go back to the treadmill? Turns out, I hate them both equally. Have no qualms about the treadmill. It is just as miserable as outside. Oh and I am five pounds from my goal weight. That would be 20 lost since the beginning of February. Must admit my dinner of cheese and almonds are probably helping that along. You too should be a single parent trying to sell a house. I will be selling my diet secrets soon.

That's all I've got lovies.

The Best part? 20 pounds. Duh. Oh and flabbergasted. it's not used enough. I resolve to use it more often. As in, I was flabbergasted when I opened the turkey to find it was not turkey rather ham. Flabbergasted I tell you!