Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Well that was neat...

Once, when we were in the throws of wedding planning I left hard boiled eggs on the stove for the better part of an hour. 

During a stressed out time period before children, I left an iron on and went to lunch an hour away. 

When I was pregnant I left eggs on the stove again. 

We are beginning this new adventure.  Moving a thousand miles away.  Trying to sell a house.  And working to keep some sense of normalcy around for our kids.  We hit up a parade.  Went swimming.  Are doing summer things.  But we are busy.  The hubs is starting a new job.  In a new city.  We are preparing to start a new life and leave some of those who are closest to us.  There is stress.

To keep a sense of normalcy (and my sense of sanity) the kids are still going to school two full days a week.  Today is one of those days.  Got them dressed and into the car like any other morning.  And we're off.

My wallet is mobile.  That is, I don't always keep it in my purse.  I put it in the diaper bag if we are going somewhere I need the diaper bag and I leave my purse because who wants to carry two bags and two kids?  So this morning, I grabbed my kids, their bags, my wallet and my coffee and loaded up the car.

On the way to school I hit some papers.  I thought, what did I just hit?  Looked in the rearview and saw some papers.  Thought nothing of it.  Back to singing Zipadeedoodah.

Until I pulled into school and realized those were not papers.  That was my effing wallet.  On a three lane busy road.  During 'rush hour'.  That was my wallet.  My wallet that holds my drivers liscense.  My credit cards.  Some cash.  The kids birth certificates (for when we fly).  Holds my life.

Fast forward through an abrupt drop off where I am sure I was nothing short of neurotic.  Put the hazards on in the center turn lane and start looking.  I was joined by a guy and his dog, and a cop.  With his lights on of course. 

Found the cash.  The drivers liscense (Thank GOD, I was sure I was going to spend the rest of the day driving between home and the DMV for various forms of ID, birth certificates, and blood samples to get a new one).  All but one credit card.  Even some reciepts.  That?  Is nothing short of a miracle. 

So I cancelled the one card.  And need a new wallet.  Not bad for how bad it could have been. 

Moral of the story?  My conscious handles stress just fine.  My subconscious?  Not so much.

The Best part?  Only one card.  Seriously. 


Jess said...

I would have died.

Stuff like that sends my stress level into the stratosphere. I can handle a lot, but those kinds of things? OMG. Brain melt.

So glad you found everything.

Corey said...

I almost threw up. Several times. And the five minute drive back to where the incident occurred? Pretty sure it was five hours. Could have been SO much worse.