Monday, May 16, 2011

OR Week 2

A post disappeared. It was called 'follow her husband'. Named that after a headline referred to me in the following way: 'veteran reporter quits to follow her husband'. So empowering. Next week I will be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen where I belong.

If I was a betting woman I would say today I will get a phone all from school about a fever.

Why are two children never up at the same time? Do they plan that? Are they already teaming up against us?

She is finally sleeping all night. Or she was. Now she is getting teeth. She is no longer sleeping.

Hoping to meet with blood suckers this week. I mean realtors. I know, I should be nicer. And as long as one walks in the door, says 'I can sell this place, for a good price, fast, I will be nicer.

The purge continues. I have to say it has been an eye opener. Why do we hold onto crap? Shove it into a closet and worry about it later? It feels so much freer and less cluttered when you just ditch it all.

We had a major trip planned this weekend. We were going to the Greenbrier for four days. We cancelled it. Worried we would spend a lot of money to think about all the stuff we needed to be doing at home. So we are spending a night downtown this week. Eating at our favorite steakhouse. Sleeping. All night. It's not a four day getaway but we will take a raincheck.

I realize how boring the above points are. It's Monday. I will be better. I promise.

On Saturday night we had some friends over. A kid came by to sell some magazines to go to Cancun or something stupid like that. I was barely paying attention. I let him in for a half a second. Then I realized how dumb that was thanks to some ribbing from friends and my husband. So far our stuff is still in our house. I didn't buy anything. I am not that stupid.

The Best part? Thursday night. I won't hear anyone cry.

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