Wednesday, June 1, 2011

OR week 3

Four days in. Five showings. I am amazed and so thankful that we are getting this kind of activity on our house. Fingers crossed. Rumor has it there is an offer in the works.

I am existing in a cleaner more sterile environment than I ever thought possible. It's amazing and refreshing and impossible to keep up beyond a house sale. I mean who vacuums everyday? Dirty laundry? Hidden in the washer. And today, I had a dishwasher of clean dishes and two dirty cups on the sink. Put them in the cabinet. At least they weren't in the sink. I also sent our realtor (who I love) a text to tell her not to call the fire department after a sippy lid fell on the heating element in the dishwasher. Smelled lovely for our nosey neighbor showing this morning.

I fell in love with my minivan the other day. Sure, I have always liked it. However, remained too cool for it. We loaded four kids into it with ease and headed to a parade. Then I nursed the baby in the way back in Target's parking lot while Curious George entertained the toddler. I sat in awe at it's cavernousness. It is awesome. I am too cool for the outside but the inside? Fits me just fine. Oh and during a showing I plugged the pump in and hung in the way back at the mall. Hello Mr. security Officer.

I shopped at a different grocery store today. Cause I could. Not that before I was required to shop at the largest retailer but since the hubs worked for them and they paid our bills, we shopped there. Plus they do save you money so you can live better. Plus we got a discount. Well. He no longer works there. Went to a different (read: nicer) grocer. Ordered my Boars Head in the deli order machine and picked it up on my way out. Got it home. The label says turkey but it is clearly ham. I hate ham. Lesson learned. Check the order before you leave.

I have promised park or pool or something outdoors after nap. Do you know how hot it is? I sat outside for 20 minutes yesterday before adding 'pool' into the top five priorities for our new abode. Not complaining about the heat. Just longing for a cooling off source.

I have to say I have an overwhelming sense of calm ever since leaving work. It was hard for five minutes and now? I feel good. At peace. At ease. Yes, things are a bit stressful but it's manageable. Zen. Very zen.

I am selling huge oriental rug in Craigslist that my parents dumped in our basement on one of their moves. It's huge. A house with no basement (a house in Florida) will have no room for it. A guy named Hassan is coming tomorrow. To ensure he is rug dealer and not a serial killer I will have backup on hand. I have gotten more requests for my birth date, address, phone number and SS# with this Craigslist sale than any others. The must be some real morons out there who fall for that stuff.

I got a new wallet. Its orange. Like a caution barrel. This way the next time it is left on the hood of my car and flies into traffic it won't get hit.

I haven't been running as much as I was. Just a few times a week. Sometimes outside, sometimes in. You know how people who run say that once you run outside you will never go back to the treadmill? Turns out, I hate them both equally. Have no qualms about the treadmill. It is just as miserable as outside. Oh and I am five pounds from my goal weight. That would be 20 lost since the beginning of February. Must admit my dinner of cheese and almonds are probably helping that along. You too should be a single parent trying to sell a house. I will be selling my diet secrets soon.

That's all I've got lovies.

The Best part? 20 pounds. Duh. Oh and flabbergasted. it's not used enough. I resolve to use it more often. As in, I was flabbergasted when I opened the turkey to find it was not turkey rather ham. Flabbergasted I tell you!

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