Friday, May 6, 2011

Obv and Rev

Our vet is in a pet store. Our dog is high maintenance. We always go checkout the chinchillas once I muscle in two kids and an 80 pound golden retriever. Today Cannon loved something other than the chinchillas. The 'fancy rats'. No joke. Thats what they are called. On sale for 7.99. Just cause you call them 'fancy' doesn't mean they are. Just saying.

He earned a sticker last night. And everyone slept. No screaming. Nothing. He got up at 6:45 with a super wet diaper. I can do 6:45. We will potty train someday. Soon. I hope.

Today I am finishing my depersonalization of our house. It's kind of sad. But I know as well as anyone who watches HGTV that you can't sell your house with all your own crap everywhere. Also, mirrors make rooms look bigger.

Know what's awesome about your husband being in the final two weeks of his current job? He comes home at like 3.

Derby day! Someday I will get a big fancy hat and watch those ponies in person and drink mint juleps. Even though I hate whiskey. But this year I would rather watch (or not, I don't actually care) with a house full of friends and kids and chaos.

Tomorrow in honor of Mother's day I will change no diapers. None. Zero. Zilch.

Happy weekend Friends :)

The Best part? We all slept. All night. Ok fine, the baby still got up at three but we are working on it.

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