Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Observations and Revelations: the move, week 1

Aren't even close to being in the thick of it. Haven't even talked to a realtor. But what we have done, is purged.

There are only four drawers in our kitchen (not counting a junk drawer, this is on the 'need' list for new house) and one of them was utensils. Not eating utensils, cooking utensils. I went through that drawer today. Someone tell me why I had four slotted spoons, five sets of tongs, three meat thermometers, and 800 whisks stored in that drawer. It now has two spoons, a spatula and a whisk in it. Why do I need more than that?

I am taking bets on how many boxes we will open and say 'oh hell, why in the world did we keep this crap?'. This is my current purge motivation.

It was hot today. And humid. To be clear, I am not complaining. I am stating fact. I complained way too much about snow to even consider complaining about heat.

I ran 2 miles pushing the kids in the jogger. I was drenched. It was 10 in the morning. Drenched. This does not bode well for outdoor workouts in Florida.

I have a sweaty kid too. He sweats. Doesn't help that he has a ton of hair and I had him in a polo and undershirt today. Hopefully all of our bodies will adjust. We are going to be a hot mess for a while.

As I said it was warm today. But it wasn't 'let your kid take their shirt off at the zoo' warm. Nor was it 'carry your infant around the zoo in only a diaper' warm. But they did. A lot of them. It was 85 not 120. Just saying.

And while I am at it it was also apparently 'show your ugly ink' day at the zoo. Why anyone would tattoo shoe laces up their spine is beyond me.

Was calling cleaning companies for estimates the other day. I want the house scrubbed floor to ceiling before we list it and I don't want to do it myself. Not even a little bit. One company (MaidPro) told me they don't clean windows or blinds. Um. Hello. Crucial parts of cleaning a house, no? So... You dust and vacuum? You're fired.

The Best part? Minimizing our crap feels pretty good.

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