Friday, May 6, 2011

Observations and Revelations: last night

I made the decision that we should go out for Mexican on Cinco de Mayo. Colossal mistake. Not cause of the obvious 'kids behaving' issue, they were fine. It is not a good idea to have Mexican for dinner when you really haven't eaten carbs in any quantity especially after 3 in the afternoon in a solid four months. We were miserable. Epic failure and a good lesson about how well our current diet supports energy. Energy we need because of nights like last night.

The sticker system is a fail. He is two for five. Bedtime last night was miserable once again. It was a process that started at 7 and ended at 8:30 with a toddler sleeping in his tennis shoes. Why? Cause he wanted them on to sleep and sometimes you chose your battles.

The baby has an ear infection. Well, she had one, last Friday and has been on antibiotics since then. I am not convinced they are working. It also took 90 minutes to get her down.

So in my carb induced coma I decided I wasn't going to dream feed her at 10 like I usually do because she had just fallen asleep. I got in bed at 10 for the first time in months and was asleep within 15 minutes.

Here's how the rest of the night went.

Midnight: Cannon screamed. No idea why. Just screamed. Then went back to sleep.
12:45: baby woke up for a passy
1: woke up to the dog puking. Little worse than dog vom in the middle of the night.
2:30: he screamed again. No idea why. Again.
3:25: baby woke up to eat
5:45: baby woke up for a passy.
6:10: Cannon is awake, screaming, out of his bed and making an attempt at waking the neighborhood.
6:30: baby wants to eat again

Seven to seven. He used to sleep seven to seven. We used to sleep too.

Maybe he's getting teeth. Maybe he wakes up soaking wet (side note, we should have forced the potty training when he was interested but I was too deep in my holy crap I have two kids and no energy funk because now he's not even remotely interested in going on the potty). Or hungry. Or maybe he has an ear infection. Or maybe he doesn't need that two hour nap he takes every day.

Whatever it is I am totally over it.

I would never put a TV in my child's bedroom. I never had one, they won't either. But this morning at 6 I would have gone to Best Buy, bought one, and had it installed if it meant some sleep.

Coffee. Now.

The Best part? The weekend is here and I know what I want for mothers day. A soundproof toddler bedroom.

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